Perth Day Spa Review: 90 Minute Gem Inspiration Massage at Cove Spa, South Perth.

When I heard about the latest decadent offering from Cove Spa, the Gem Inspiration Massage, I knew we were going to become well acquainted. Before I delve into the review though, I need to issue you an important warning:

Do not operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of this massage treatment.

Ideally you’re going to want someone to chauffeur you home afterwards, so you can continue enjoying the deep state of relaxation that will inevitably envelop you throughout this spa journey. If you have to drive yourself home, as I did- breaking my own above rule, you’ll be amazed at your new-found tolerance for bad traffic, terrible drivers and long waits at traffic lights!

♥ ♥ ♥

Beautiful flowers in a garden next to Cove Spa 🙂

Locker with gown, shoes and choccie, to store your items in.

The Gem Inspiration Massage has its roots firmly grounded in all things healing and spiritual. As the name suggests, if you’re after some inspiration, this is the perfect place to start.

Chakras – the purpose of this massage is to bring your chakras (7 energy wheels of the body) into balance, as an imbalance is said to cause mental and physical disease, as well as impaired wellbeing, eek!

Choose your own adventure – I’m a giant big fan of customisable treatments, the ‘just for you’ vibe is pretty special, knowing you’re not getting the same treatment as every other person who comes in is a good feeling! I was asked to choose which round JOYA gemstone I most connected with (I chose amethyst for stress relief) and was also given the choice between scented or unscented oil (scented please!) and THEN given the chance to smell three different oil blends (I picked the meditation scent, mmm). Three customisable elements = three big ticks.

Choices, choices!

♥ The massage starts with deep inhalations of the meditation oil, which instantly calms me and sets the mood for whats to come. Throughout the massage, more gems are placed in my hands and between my toes, which is hopefully providing even more body balancing action!

♥ One thing to note about this massage is that it includes chest and stomach massage since the heart chakra is located there. Yup, you will be baring all for the therapist. If the idea of this makes you uncomfortable, just let your therapist know and she will focus on another area instead, but if you’re just a little nervous about it then why not throw your fears to the wayside and embrace doing something a little different?

♥ While I enjoyed the whole experience, the best part was the totally unique experience of the round silky gems being rolled and massaged across my body. If you can marry a massage, with the creamy smoothness of a Lindt lindor ball dissolving in your mouth, then that comes close to describing the amazing feeling.

Even more choices, a beautiful touch 🙂

♥ The last little treat was to be found in the form of some Louise L Hay “power cards”. I was asked to choose a card at random, which would then have an affirmation on it which would hopefully relate to my life! It did 😉

♥ The 90 minutes slipped by far too quickly and I was left wishing that the massage table was, in fact, a portal to another world (my own cozy bed). If a box of Lindt balls was to magically appear next to my bed too, well that would have been just perfect.

My massage was performed by Kate, one of the head massage therapists at Cove Spa, and I highly recommend her.

Cup o tea?

Waiting room @ Cove Spa.


Gem Inspiration Massage is $175 for 90 minutes

Address: 47 Tate Street, South Perth, Western Australia 6151
Ph: 08 9367 1877
Web: Cove Spa

What do you think? Could you do with some chocolatey-esque crystals being massaged across your body?


  1. Ellen says:

    Dear Annette, I was searching the net and stumbled over your page. As the owner of JOYA-Australia I went for the massage section and found this review. You can imagine how excited I was to discover you talked about JOYA Crystal Massage “…round silky gems being rolled and massaged across my body. If you can marry a massage, with the creamy smoothness of a Lindt lindor ball dissolving in your mouth, then that comes close to describing the amazing feeling.” Wow – never anybody has put this in so great words. It makes my heart sing as you can imagine.

    I have some questions: May I link to your review? May I use your testimonial for our web site? What are the possibilities of spreading the word about JOYA here on this forum?

    Thanks heaps

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