Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Volcano Foot Mask, Chilled Eye Pillows, Iced Rosehip Tea & More.

Volcano Foot Mask

I’ve been having a bit of a love-in with Lush recently. Along with hosting our latest competition (check it out!) and featuring the Divine Whale soap, I recently felt my feet needed a little holiday so took them for a leisurely trip to a Volcano, courtesy of Lush.

The Volcano Foot Mask contains clay, fresh papaya, fresh tomato, lemon, anti-fungal essential oils & cinnamon which makes for a pretty gnarly combo on first whiff, but the smell definitely grows on you and my housemate remarked it smelled quite ‘Christmassy’.

After soaking your feet for 5 minutes and then applying, wrap your feet in some leftover plastic wrap or a plastic bag and take it easy for 10 minutes. I have to say that after 5 minutes my feet were feeling pretty spicy hot, and after 10 I was definitely ready to wash/scrub it off!

The tingly heat continued for about 20 minutes afterwards and my feel smelt pretty delightful and VERY smooth! I would definitely recommend this mask for anyone whose feet need a little tough love. Sensitive folk may need to steer clear though! RRP $19.95 for 250gm.

Chilled Eye Pillows

As we’ve found out over the past week or so, summer is upon us, draping its heat all over our little city like a big, humid blanket. Can you tell I’m a winter-spring kinda girl? In order to survive the season, I’ve got to rely on many cooling tips and tricks. One newie is to put a wheat/rice/yoga eye pillow into the fridge during the day, and then drape it over your eyes when you get home. Pure bliss!

I also like to pop it on my neck too, or anywhere else that needs some chillin.

My favourite is the Pure Joi Eye Pillow ($20), cos it has lavender in it too – double chill out!

Iced Rosehip Tea

Last night I brewed up my first iced tea of the season! It was awesome. Just brew whatever tea you like in a regular cup, wait til it cools then pour into a large jug, top up with cold water, ice cubes, lemon slices, mint sprigs – whatever takes your fancy. Pop it back in the fridge for a while and soon you will be sippin on sweet iced goodness.

Lots of new yoga studios opening in Perth next year!

I’ve been hearing many whispers from lots of different sources that a whole bunch of new studios are going to be opening next year! Bikram fans will be happy, as will fans of less intense types of yoga 🙂 Stay tuned…

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That’s all for now guys, take care!

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