Rosehip Oil Rewind: Another Look at an Old Favourite!

My love affair with rosehip oil has spanned many years now, an old faithful amber liquid that when pressed gently into my skin each night results in a glowy complexion like no other, and a far lower incidence of breakouts.

It’s been a while since I shared my adoration of the hips of roses on here, so allow me to chat a little about the three latest rosehip oil variants that are currently visiting my face on a regular basis!

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr – Luxurious Rosehip Oil

Let’s just be up front here. Anything that Miranda Kerr uses, the majority of the female population want in on it. Her rosehip oil with noni juice combo is no different. This product, rich in skin nourishing Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), contains noni extract, organic rosehip, jasmine, rose and pomegranate oils. Yum. This is a fantastic blend and a nice little variation on the plain rosehip oil formula. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re married to Orlando Bloom whilst patting it into your skin… $44.95 for 15ml.

Naturlea – Be Gorgeous Organic Rosehip Oil

I love this one for a few reasons. First up, the size is awesome for the price! 50ml of rosehip oil will last you a lonnnng time if you use it sparingly, and you only really need 2-3 drops if you’re applying it to your face. Don’t forget that your face needs to be wet when you put the oil on! This helps it spread out more easily and ensures your skin wont feel super oily.

The other great feature, is that this has a tiny bit of rose oil included in it, so your face will smell beautiful afterwards and the rose oil also has beneficial properties. An excellent value for money choice at $32 for 50ml! 🙂

Bloom Organic Rosehip Oil

This one is currently occupying most-reached-for status. Mostly because it’s in the easiest spot on the bench, and I really like serums/oils that come with glass droppers as it makes it really, really, really easy to get the exact amount of product onto your face or hands. The other two are in pump bottles, which is good for using over a larger area, but I find that nothing beats the glass dropper for precision rosehip oil application!

$25 for 15ml.

Have you tried Rosehip Oil before? Do any of these brands take your fancy? Lets chat!

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  1. jen says:

    hello, so uhm which do you think is the best among the three?