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Breaking News: Endota Spas Coming to Perth in 2011!

♥ ♥ ♥

Woah woah woah! I literally just let out a “YES!” and clapped my hands with glee! You see, I’ve heard so much about these little pockets of bliss that are available to my Sydney, Melbourne & even Adelaide mates…tiny spa wonderlands where divine organic ingredients envelop you and you leave a changed person.

Okay okay, I haven’t tried it myself but this is what I’ve heard through my extensive reading of spa & beauty blogs from other states!

SO, the biggg news is (as I’m sure you can guess from the title) is that these bliss havens called Endota Spa’s will FINALLY be making their way to our West coast home!

David Jones city store will be the location of the first spa… and there will be more to come, they are currently offering franchising opportunities in these areas:

Territories available in greater Perth:

– Cannington
– Cottesloe
– Daglish
– Fremantle
– Innaloo
– Joondalup
– Mt Hawthorn
– Mt Lawley
– North Perth
– Perth CBD
– Scarborough
– Subiaco
– Warwick

territories available in regional WA:
– Mandurah
– Margaret River

I’ve also had the privilege of using the Endota Organic Rose Hip Oil and Honey & Rosehip mask of late and by golly, my skin is glowing! It’s like it just eats it up! There will be a proper review later, but I just wanted to give a bit of an idea as to why I’m excitedly raving like a lunatic.

So, to recap.

Endota Spas. Perth. 2011. Organic / Natural. Completely amazing. I will be first in line!

Be well,



Day Spa Review: Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment, Bodhi J.

Photo of Chakra Balancing Treatment by Sodashi

As soon as I read about the 90 Minute Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment on the Bodhi J website, I knew we had to be together.

“Deeply meditative, this experience aims to bring the chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of massage, specific essential oil synergies and beautiful crystals. Working subtly on the energetic body with profound effects, this truly unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increase in wellbeing and spirituality.”

Yes please. Now, as you can imagine, one prerequisite for this treatment is a mind that is at least 2% open. Energy therapies are a relatively new player in the game and as such are often viewed with a skeptical eye.

I can’t say for certain they work, all I can let you know are my experiences, and after this treatment I felt on cloud 9 for about 3-4 days after!

Check out Chakras for Beginners for a little more info before reading on!

♥ ♥ ♥

Going to the day spa can be a very intimate experience, we allow ourselves to be touched and comforted by people we usually don’t know, this treatment specifically requires you to be completely undressed (although your modesty is certainly preserved at all times), however disposable underwear is made available for those who might not feel so comfortable going au naturale!

♥ So after taking it all off, I’m directed to a beautiful eco-bathrobe. It’s all about the little things, and these unique robes are made of flax and are very low in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides! Pretty impressive and really comfortable, they are also available to purchase for $130.

♥ A quick test is done to see which of my chakras are imbalanced, turns out my 3rd (emotions) & 5th (communication) chakras could do with a bit of work!

♥ Before each chakra (from the base of the spine to the crown of the head) is gently massaged and worked on, I’m asked to inhale a Sodashi scented oil (see above) that corresponds to and will help to balance that particular chakra. It is incredibly relaxing and the scents are divine.

♥ After each point is worked on, a beautiful crystal is placed on my skin.

♥ I have to note at this point that I’m not someone who falls asleep easily, but I found myself dozing off at least twice!

♥ Once the back is done, the front is worked on (again, modesty preserved).

♥ The treatment finishes with a relaxing rest in the lounge area, some fresh fruit, tea and chocolates :)

The whole thing was AMAZINGLY relaxing. I walked out of there on a cloud and stayed there for 3-4 days. As someone who is very busy and always searching for ways to reduce stress, I found this to be one of the more effective treatments I have tried in a while!

If you have the moolah, the Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment weighs in at $185 for 90 mins, then I would highly recommend you high-tail it down there before even finishing this article.

If not, start wishing upon stars or putting away a dollar a day because this treatment is definitely worth your hard earned.

I wish I was back there right now! *dreams*
Contact Bodhi J

42C Grantham St (Cnr Nanson St)
Wembley, Western Australia 6014

ph: (08) 9387 5152
fax: (08) 9387 4548

Ever had your chakras balanced?

Would you like to? Lets chat!

Beauty Salon Review: Refresh Facial at Skatt, Mount Hawthorn.

When Skatt first opened a couple of years ago, I am sure I’m not alone when I say that I thought it was a bit of a gimmick. The bright pink, imposing building on a seemingly quiet, conservative Mount Hawthorn street screamed “different”.

However, I put my opinion on their choice of décor aside and went along to get the “Refresh Facial” which is $65 – on the cheaper side for a facial – which was the first positive.

When I arrived, I was taken through to a treatment room by the therapist. Unfortunately she didn’t tell me her name, and I forgot to ask at the end…must always remember to do this in future!

The treatment rooms at Skatt are located at the back of the building, the hair salon is at the front and is the first thing you see as you walk in.

The treatment room was fairly small but heated to a pleasant temperature and they had some ‘chillout’ music playing over the speakers which added to the atmosphere nicely.

The therapist began with a skin analysis which involved a magnifying light-dealy that she shone onto my skin. She talked me through some positive and negative points about my skin which I really liked, and she recommended ways in which I can improve the appearance of my skin.

The very best bit about all this was that she did not try to sell me anything! Skatt use Dermalogica products which I think is great – and even better that they don’t try to push them onto the clients as I believe that is the first way to turn off any clients from potentially returning in future. Other salons could do to take notice of this.

Next, my skin was cleansed twice, exfoliated, masqued and moisturised. On the website it states that extractions are included, but this was not part of my treatment – I suppose I just didn’t have anything to extract that day!

The entire facial took about 45 minutes and was of extremely high quality. I was so impressed by my therapist and her manner throughout the entire treatment, she had a slightly firm touch which I think is good in a facial and her hands were warm too which is always a plus!

The “Skattwalk”: a focal point of the salons

Overall, the Dermalogica facial experience was brilliant

I have nothing but praise for Skatt and the team, in such a competitive market it is difficult to be outstanding however I believe this is exactly what they have achieved. I will definitely return and encourage anyone looking for a new beauty salon to do the same.

To add to the praise – a couple of weeks later I got a letter in the mail from Skatt containing a card for $40 off my next treatment! Fantastic – I’ll be heading back this week.

Skatt are located:

Mt. Hawthorn at 165 Scarborough Beach Road

Ph: (9443 6500)

Claremont at 52e Old Theatre Lane, Bayview Terrace

Ph: (9385 3123).


By Amy – 20 year old face care novice who is now addicted to facials.

Event: Sodashi Night at Bodhi J Day Spa, Wembley.

Megan Larsen, Sodashi Founder

The lovely people from Sodashi invited me along to their day spa meet and greet event at Bodhi J with Megan Larsen (founder) two weeks ago and I want to do a little re-cap because it was a gorgeous night!

Tickets to the event were $50, redeemable on product purchase, and included an array of mini-treatments, personal consultations with Megan herself, delicious snacks in the form of mini quiches and pumpkin soup shots, obligatory champers & juices, the chance to win a facial AND the best part of all… GOODIE BAGS!!!

I was lucky enough to experience two of the three mini-treatments on offer.

First up, in one of the most relaxing feeling spa rooms I’ve had the delight of experiencing, I had my chakras balanced!


The purpose of it is to balance out the energy centers in the body, apparently my heart chakra was out and I’m a bit lonely at the moment, oh no! After the balancing was done (which involved special oils and much ushering of bad energy away from my body), I instantly felt like bursting into tears!

It was really strange, I’ve had similar experiences before with energy therapy too so I think there is some weight to it, just need to experiment some more with it and see how I go!

Sodashi Chakra Balancing Kit RRP $330

The second treat I received was a lush mini foot-facial, which is a facial for the feet, not a facial done with feet! I’ve never actually had a pedicure (quelle horreur) and this was absolutely DIVINE! My feet felt so soft and relaxed afterwards, I’ve been missing out all these years!

From my mingling and chatting to the guests, it’s safe to say that the people who use Sodashi are in fact as lovely as the people that work there!

The prize was drawn and we all received our exciting Goodie Bags, which consisted of:

♥ 1 x full size Rejuvenating Face Mist – I love this product, it smells divine and feels so fresh on the skin, I have to say that sometimes I spritz it around my apartment because it smells so good!

♥ Travel size Eye & Lip Cleanser

♥ Travel size Enlivening Body Lotion

♥ $20 Bodhi J Spa Voucher.

Loved them all!

I left with balanced chakras, soft feet, a swag full of loot & a head full of knowledge about the brand. A very successful evening! I would recommend everyone to check out day spa events, as they are super informative and you usually recoup any cost in the form of samples, nibbles, drinks & treatments, so it’s totally worth it!

Have you ever been to a day spa event?

Had your chakras balanced?

Had a pumpkin soup shot? (T’was delish!)

Be well,



Day Spa Review: Lemongrass Body Glow at Bodhi J, Wembley.

I received a gift voucher for a treatment of choice at Bodhi J Day Spa in Wembley as a birthday present. My friend has recently had the Indian Head Massage there and said it was excellent, however I felt like something more indulgent. I decided on a full body scrub, the Lemongrass Body Glow.

Bodhi J is a piece of paradise set unassumingly on Grantham street in Wembley. Entering into the foyer, I had no idea of the beautiful décor that was behind these doors.

I was led into a large room which had nice subdued lighting, two round spas and two tables. I felt like I had been transported to the finest day spa in Bali. The little touches the room like the frangipanis, the aromatherapy oils burning along with the dim lighting made you feel instantly calm. I was left to undress, given some lovely green disposable underwear and a sarong, and got ready for the treatment.

Laying face down I was asked to inhale a scent from aromatherapy oil to relax me. I was then given a firm soothing massage with a scented oil. My therapist knew what she was doing – long firm massage strokes on the back of my legs, at just the right pressure. After the oil, the lemongrass salt was rubbed into my body. The smell was amazing. Once my legs, back and shoulders were done, I turned over to have my stomach, the front of my legs and feet as well as my décolletage oiled, massaged and scrubbed.

Then it was time to be rinsed. I was expecting I would have to go to another room to shower, but the bed I was on was actually under a bath and I was rinsed off with a shower head that was attached to the wall. That part was a littler surreal – I felt like a big baby being hosed down, but none the less it was still all very professional.

The therapist left me to dry off and lie on the table next to me. I was then moisturised from neck to toe whilst getting a nice soothing massage at the same time . I got dressed and was then led to a waiting area. There was a herbal tea, some fruit and a chocolate were waiting for me. Here the therapist spoke to me about some of the products that were used on me during the treatment. They did have these for sale at the spa, but I was not felt at all pressured into buying something – I simply got an explanation and a price list and was left to enjoy my tea and strawberries in peace.

After that it was back to reality unfortunately. The whole process took just over an hour and a half and it was harsh to walk out of this beautiful oasis back onto old Grantham street.

Bodhi J is definitely worth a visit for absolute indulgence and an escape to paradise – if only for an hour.

Lemongrass Body Glow is $95 for 60 mins.

42C Grantham St (Cnr Nanson St)
Western Australia 6014

Phone: (08) 9387 5152
Fax: (08) 9387 4548

Review by Yvette Coyne.

Day Spa Review: Li’tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage, Bodhi J, Wembley.

When offered the chance to experience a 90 minute indulgent massage involving hot ancient stones, Australian native botanicals & the opportunity to “leave my body’s energies dancing with joy” at Bodhi J Health + Beauty Spa, I reluctantly accepted 😉

Bodhi J is located in Wembley, a short drive past the picturesque Herdsman Lake – driving past is a lovely precursor to a spa treatment.

Quick Warning: This review might get a bit lengthy, I had a lot of interesting (I hope!) observations about this particular spa that I’d like to share with you.

♥ ♥ ♥

First up the welcome area is spacious, which immediately makes for a relaxed feel. There are a stack of neatly presented and CURRENT (A+, such a rarity in any setting) magazines to browse through whilst waiting & filling in the client form.

The treatment I’m having is called the “Li’tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage” and it lasts for 90 minutes (dreamy), here is the excerpt from the Bodhi J website:

These magical Ancient Primordial Stones from North Western Australia are integrated into a treatment that is aligned with the rhythmic Kodo body massage that is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques which tone and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness. The therapist skilfully integrates the rocks with pressure points and spiralling movements that work to ground and uplift, leaving the body’s energies dancing with joy.

A quick bathroom stop before the treatment begins reveals a well thought out addition to the spa, large enough to accommodate any disabilities and complete with hand rails. That really struck me, as I haven’t seen such facilities in all spas I’ve been to – but why should feeling and looking good be limited only to the completely able bodied? It shouldn’t, so I really commend Bodhi J for being a spa suitable for those with disabilities.

♥ ♥ ♥

Beginning with a ‘foot bath ritual’ where my feet are dipped into water (complete with floating orchids!) and massaged, I’m then asked to close my eyes and choose from 3 scented essential oils that are presented to my curious nose. The “Reharmonise Oil” was the one that sang to me.

Next, I was asked to choose 4 rocks (out of 9-ish) I felt drawn to, that I’d like to be used in my massage!

I love customisable treatments!

Rocks chosen, my therapist got down to business. As I lay on the bed, a ‘smoking ritual’ was performed – leaves were lit, which I then inhaled through the hole where the face rests in the massage bed, then the smoke was wafted over my body. Interesting experience!

The full body massage itself was great and the hot rocks were a real treat on a cool morning, although the room was heated to a very pleasant temperature.

A word of warning to the demure, this treatment involves the therapist massaging down the middle of and around the chest (ooh la la) so if you are uncomfortable with this perhaps mention it prior to commencement!

One of my favourite parts was when tiny warm stones were placed between each of my toes, it felt really unique & special. The head massage was also blissful.

Some products from the Li’Tya range

Other things of note:

♥ The Aboriginal music & light chanting played throughout the treatment set the mood.

♥ Mid-way through the treatment some grainy rocks were softly rubbed over my back and it felt amazing.

♥ There were tealight candles in the room (real, not fake).

♥ Bodhi J use iPods in all of their rooms, I thought this was really cool.

Afterwards I had some gorgeous fresh fruit (kiwi, strawberries & pineapple) & a delicious cup of caffeine free ‘Yulu Tea’ to complete the experience.

Highly, highly recommended! If you decide to go based on my review, let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me in the comments!

Li’tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage (90 min) $160

Contact Bodhi J Health + Beauty Spa

42C Grantham St (Cnr Nanson St)
Wembley, Western Australia 6014

Ph: (08) 9387 5152
Fax: (08) 9387 4548


Be well,



Product Review: Endota Lavender + Alpine Pepper Hand Cream.

There’s been something in the air where I work lately, it’s got everyone talking, sniffing and asking – what IS that smell?!

It’s my Endota Lavender & Alpine Pepper Hand Cream and I need to stop being so generous, because this baby is running out.

The Endota brand is making a name for itself in a big way over in the Eastern States as a chain of environmentally conscious spas that use certified organic, 100% natural products to keep our bodies looking beautiful in a safe manner.

Unfortunately for us West-siders, they haven’t yet made the trek over the great plain, but rest assured I’ll be e-mailing them to enquire “WHEN?!@#!@” as we can never have too many options for pampering, especially when it’s kind on the environment and our bodies!

So back to the hand cream:

♥ It smells phenomenal
♥ Luxurious to apply
♥ Absorbs quickly
♥ Will get you compliments galore as you glide around the office leaving a trail of olfactory delight

Endota Lavender + Alpine Pepper Hand Cream is my current favourite. All possibility of me sharing has gone, I’M SORRY FRIENDS.

Try this hand cream and you too can become obsessive & selfish, but at least you’ll have the finest hands in town.

Love it.

RRP $34 for 90ml. Available online and at David Jones stores.

Be well,



WA VIP Card Launch = Extravagant Weekend!

Saturday night saw the launch of the WA VIP Card at The George in the CBD.

Wellness WA is working hand in hand with the card, we are in charge of getting all of the excellent beauty, health & wellbeing businesses on board the card so that they can provide a discount to our members! E-mail for more information if you are interested! Also, mention Wellness WA if you purchase a card and it will help us all out!

So back to the night in question, with nothing to wear I had to run out and pick up a new dress (Cue!) and heels which set me back a bit. And then the make-up and hair, oh dear!

I picked up some Bloom nailpolish in 2 shades: Amber & Edie ($29.95 for two)


This is the one I chose for the evening, the Bloom polish has really stayed on my nails and I’m impressed with the consistency and look of it. There is also a BAJILLION colours to select from, so I do recommend you check em out in Myer!

Post-shopping I ventured over to my monthly massage @ Cove Spa to unwind but I had a dilemma… shonky eyebrows! This just wouldn’t do for the evening ahead so I asked / pleaded nicely and the girls accommodated me easily and I had a tidy up before the massage, which was lovely as usual. Yay!

Then it was time to sort out a wash & blow dry for my dirty, messy hair (charming, I know). I tried 3 places before actually getting in somewhere, Saturday afternoon is big for hair appointments – who knew?! Well, I probably should have!

I wasn’t 100% impressed with the service I received at the particular salon, the woman was very off with the fairies and didn’t seem to be paying that much attention to what she was doing. However it WAS late in the day, they were very busy and I was lucky to actually get an appointment… plus the result turned out okay so I dealt with it, but try not to get myself into a situation where I’d have to go there again!

After that it was time to nap & then get ready. The night was lovely and we drank champagne with strawberries and blueberries to up the “Wellness Factor” ;), watched Bob Evans rock out a little and had prom photos taken!

Today is porridge, watermelon & green tea for breakfast & a yoga class Tonight to help work out the weekends alcoholic sins.

How was your weekend?! Any beauty treats? I’d love to hear about it!

Be well,


Spa Review: Pedicure at Serendipity Medi Spa, Riverton Forum.

My feet were feeling very neglected and my little toes were screaming for some attention from all those times strutting in high heels on uneven pavement in the city, gallivanting around Europe and dancing til 5am in the clubs.

Well it was time my feet deserved a treat. After all, I’ve been told many guys have a foot fetish… but that wasn’t the sole reason why I wanted to go for my very first pedicure. (or maybe it was) (no, it really wasn’t) (or was it?)

I wanted my feet to feel confident in a pair of open toed sandals for the next up-and-coming social calendar event!

The location of choice, Serendipity Medi Spa in Riverton Forum.

I stepped into the salon and to my surprise it was a beauty therapist friend of mine who was going to get intimate with my feet that night! I decided upon booking an evening session as there is one thing I dislike about communal pedicure places: the crowds.

At every opportunity when getting a beauty treatment, I enjoy the peaceful “me” time that comes with it. So to my delight, I was seated in a massaging chair with plenty of space all to myself.

While I was catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, my feet were soaking in the warm bubble bath and as I felt the tiny jets on my feet, I was in my happy place. The beauty therapist handed me a basket full of polish colours to choose from. I opted for a french manicure to suit any occasion.

I took my feet out of the water and they were gently massaged with a light exfoliating foot scrub. At this point I should note that the therapist is wearing gloves. Then she removed my old nail polish and trimmed each toe nail with a square edge. Rotating each foot back into the bubble bath when it wasn’t being pedicured. After some more buffing and gentle scrubbing, my pushed-back cuticles revealed toes that were painted on with precision and care.

Voila! After 45 mins of a Goddess experience, I had the perfect ready-to-party nails all set for an upcoming balmy cruise down the river!

Tip: If you can’t pick a colour, a french manicure is always a safe bet, but keep your eye out for the colours that are on trend at the moment which include pinks (instead of your usual vampy red) and taupes.

Zoe Foster Tip: After hearing her extensive knowledge on fashion, a tip is to bring your fave colour to the pedicure place so that when it chips, you can always fix it up at home yourself.

Rating: 4/5 Since my feet were long over-due for a pedicure, I was indeed fascinated by the whole process, and how I had never thought to have one earlier! The service here is without fault and the evening booking was ideal.

$60 will get you the basic pedicure.

Shop 20
Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre
Cnr. Willeri Drive & High Road
Riverton WA 6148

Ph: 08 9354 3370

Article by Kelly-Anne Wong, pedicure cherry popped.

Spa Review: Skin-Deep Medi Spa, Como.

There’s a little salon on Preston Point road in Como which is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. It doesn’t look like much on the outside but once you’re inside you are in for a treat!

The salon offers a huge range of services and treatments from the standard waxing and massage to specialist skin treatments including IPL Photorejuventation, Omnilux Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion and Glycolic Peels. They also offer an extensive range of skincare products which include Priori, MD Formulations, Decleor , and the organic Ilcsi and Judith White range. There is a solution for every skin.

I had wanted to try Microdermabrasion for quite a while, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment for a Thursday morning. I arrived 10 minutes early as requested and filled out the necessary forms about my skin, skincare routine and health. All the staff are well trained and educated in skincare and the products that they use.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Microdermabrasion, it has a gentle suction feeling to it and the results are great. It’s best done in a course to get the full benefits. My skin felt smoother, was more even and looked more refreshed. The treatment which includes a facial takes 60mins. The rooms are relaxing and filled with gentle music. My therapist was fantastic, took me through a detailed skin analysis, and explained all the products she was using and why. I got a little hand and foot massage during the facial and walked out of the room feeling like I was walking on air.

This salon is now somewhere that I visit regularly; it fulfills all my skin and beauty needs in once place.

Corner Labouchere Rd., & Preston St, Como

(08) 9368 0829


Article by Hannah Lee: “I’ve been interested in health, beauty and fitness for as long as I can remember. I’m a self confessed beauty spa addict who is always on the lookout for new things to try. I’m currently obsessed with microdermabrasion and Omnilux light therapy. I work as a nurse, which allows me to educate people about all things health and wellness, something I’m passionate about!”

Be well,