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Birthday Wellness!

A big sleep-in started my birthday with a snoozy bang. I did wake up at 7am to rush into my housemates room and sleepily jibber about birthdays and she made it worthwhile by presenting me with two wonderful prizes!

Carmen Electra: Fit to Strip Vol. 2 (review coming very, I love it!) and STOTT PILATES: Sunrise Workout (also coming soon!). Yay! We’d both been meaning to get some workout DVD’s happening, so now we’ll be busting moves and stretching it out in the comfort of our own home!

After my gift receiving I fell back into bed til 11am and then made my favourite healthy breakfast: Honey porridge with sliced banana!

This stuff is really good for you too as it keeps blood sugar levels even throughout the day, so it’s a perfect brekky.

Backtracking a little… the night before I went to dinner at Galileo Buona Cucina, Shenton Park. Totally in love with this place now!

Bruschetta for starters (possibly the best I’ve ever had), pear nectar (!!!) and one of their signature dishes, artichoke ravioli for mains… such a fantastic birthday dinner!

Urban Spoon rating: Galileo Buona Cucina on Urbanspoon

My parents gave me something dorky I’d been wanting for a while, A WATER JUG! I’m going to use this to make my special Iced Green Tea – I make a big batch of this up and drink it throughout the week, I’ve found it really helps with glowing skin so I’m really excited to get back into this!

Back to my day though! I met up with my Mum and had a HUGE salad and detox juice (beetroot, carrot, apple, celery) from Edens Salad Bar in Subiaco, they were both delicious and the juice was enormous! I recommend.

Urban Spoon rating: Eden's Salad Bar on Urbanspoon

As my birthday treat to myself, I bought the latest Good Health magazine and some of the new Lindt Blueberry Intense chocolate – OH MY DELISH! As well as the blueberries, it also has little slivers of almonds, yum.

Another lovely gift I received, from Conor @ Hold the Beef was some Oxfam Unwrapped seeds, I found it really thoughtful and it made me smileeeeeee that my birthday inspired Conor to want to help someone else 😀

Throughout the day I slurped on green tea & rosehip tea to up the wellness quotient, and when it came time to get ready for my party, I used some Akin & Al’chemy prods to “gussy up”.

My locks were treated to [Al’chemy] Rice Aminos & Wheat Protein Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Avocado & Calendula Re-Moisturising Conditioner. These hair heroes are SLS free (a very good thing) and are devoid of many other nasties as well, so are great when you want to give your strands a break from the chemical torture they’re usually subjected to!

Post-shower I spritzed some ‘Cellular Brightening Mist’ on my face, I –LOVE- this stuff! It smells like lavender and feels cool & sparkly on the skin. I haven’t done any comparitive analysis pre and post spritzing but it makes me FEEL like my skin is brighter, so I’m sticking with it!

Seeing all my favourite people in one place that night ended my birthday on a high note, friends are critical to wellbeing and I was so happy that all my besties made it out to celebrate with me.

Love you all. Thanks for reading. Here’s to the next wellness filled year, hope you stick along for the ride!

Be well,



Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Crumpet, Vic Park.

Having heard good reviews & keen for a stomach-rumbling-reducing Sunday morning brunch-date, one of my besties and I made our way down to Crumpet in Vic Park.

When we got there it was PACKED and we were very lucky to snare a table outside as a couple were leaving. Unfortunately their dirty dishes were left there for a good 20 minutes before we had to ask for them to be removed.

There is also no queue system for getting a table and we were told they couldn’t keep track of who got there first, which is understandable but disappointing – perhaps they didn’t realise how popular their little cafe was going to be as there were lots of people turning up only to leave due to no available seating.

So grumpy stuff out of the way! I ordered the ‘Omnomlette‘ ($12) – hands down the best named breakfast food I’ve eaten to date – which was free range eggs, mushrooms, spinach & brie omelette drizzled with EVOO, as well as a decent-sized freshly squeezed orange juice ($6). My counterpart had the Mushies on Toast ($11) & an OJ as well.

It was a hard decision given the many healthy sounding choices, including a vegan brekky (although unfortunately it was more expensive than any of the dishes with meat, which was surprising as it didn’t contain any out of this world ingredients). There were also various smoothies to choose from and some delicious sounding porridge.

My meal was amazing, a perfect breakfast and kept me going through the afternoon of window shopping! My girl thoroughly enjoyed her mushies as well :)

Despite the few negatives, I’d definitely return to Crumpet, there are a few really cute cafes opening up in Vic Park, it seems to be turning into the hip new spot!

Location: 8/885 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Phone: 9355 0901

Tues – Fri: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
Sat & Sun:8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Crumpet on Urbanspoon

I’ve also planned to introduce more free-range eggs into my life, I feel I may not be getting enough protein and this could be a good way to go about it! I’ll keep you posted :)

Be well,


Mini Manna Wholefoods Trip.

Gourmet Pie

Once again, the lure of Manna Wholefoods was too great to resist, so I met up with a friend for a lovely Sunday afternoon of delicious food and drink.

It’s excruciatingly difficult to pick anything to eat there, as a vegetarian I’m used to choosing between 1-3 options at any given restaurant, whereas here there are almost TOO MANY choices!

I settled on a Spinach & Potato Pie from the Perth brand Gourmet Cookies & Pies, it was delish. I’ve long been a fan of this brand for healthy pies & also their heat-and-eat lasagne is TO DIE FOR. Also they are 100% vegetarian and pretty healthy, I highly advise you to check them out!

To go with this I fabricated a concoction of blueberry, banana & almond milk (wild, I know) & the staff were happy to make it up for me. Twas very tasty and I will have again!

After leisurely eating, we went back in and I purchased a Coconut Juice w/Blood Orange (like last time!) & some fair trade, organic, decaff green tea…in unbleached tea bags – bit of a mouthful!

All this yummy food combined with some sunshine = a pretty excellent way to wind down the weekend. My friend also brought me home-made pumpkin soup & biscuits. Could I even ask for more?!

After all this, I’m brimming with energy and feel fantastic so I had to jump on the computer and let you all know how good I feel after nourishing my body with such great food!

Okay, I’m done now!!! :)

Manna Wholefoods & Cafe

274 South Tce
South Fremantle
WA 6162

Ph (08) 9335 7995

Manna Wholefoods and Cafe on Urbanspoon

Be well,



Event: Global Vegan Waffle Party, Perth Edition!

♥ !!! ♥

VEGAN WAFFLE PARTY – Three words, all excellent by themselves, together at last in delicious, cruelty-free, fun loving unison!

Add to this that the waffles at this particular party are FREE and you’ve got yourself a sure fire winner of an idea for something to do on Sunday the 16th May! :)

Just what is a Vegan Waffle party?

A waffle party is a festive and stomach-filling social event where waffles are served, preferably hot off the iron, with delicious toppings. It can be a relatively simple gathering with just a few friends, or it can be an extravagant production with dozens of guests.

(For more info check out the Waffle Party Site!)

Cruelty Free WA, the gracious hosts of the Perth event

(Following taken from the Perth Global Vegan Waffle Party Facebook Event Page)

We want to show everybody that being vegan is not about sacrifice and denial and there is no need to miss out on the things you enjoy.

Help us celebrate all things vegan by coming along to our vegan waffle party for free waffles hot off the iron and complete with yummy toppings. Everybody is invited, so why not bring along your steadfast meat eating friends and show them how delicious cruelty free food can be.

Not vegan? It doesn’t matter, come along anyway we would love to see you. The Global Vegan Waffle Party is a worldwide event so help us put Australia on the map. This is one time WA won’t be behind the rest of the country when it comes to good veg*n food.

When: Sunday May 16th 11:00am – 3:00pm
Where: Cruelty Free WA
Shop 28A Queen Street, Fremantle
(opposite Myer)

or phone the store on 9335 7039
Cost: FREE! (So awesome!)

Be well,



Food Review: Manna Wholefoods & Cafe, South Fremantle.

Manna Wholefoods & Cafe is an absolute gem for those of us who are into organic, fair-trade, raw, vegetarian / vegan, healthy or just plain tasty food & groceries.

I was surprised to be informed of the existence of Manna by Conor from Perth food blog Hold The Beef, as it’s the kind of place you’d expect to find in Melbourne, 150% the type of place I’ve been wishing and hoping for and apparently it’s been right under my nose for quite some time!

Tucked down South Terrace, you’d be forgiven for missing it, however the unassuming shop front and few scattered chairs and tables give way to a wonderland of treats once you step through the door.

I spent ages trying to decide what to eat, but finally settled on a scrumptious looking (& tasting) large slice of vegetable pizza ($6) & this lovely drink below…

DELICIOUS – CoCo Coconut Juice w/Blood Orange ($4.34)

Other offerings were raw smoothies, raw salads, spelt vegetarian lasagne, tasty looking sandwiches, organic beef pies & sausage rolls, healthy desserts and a wide range of coffees & juices.

I didn’t have much chance to look around the rest of the shop as my friend wanted to leave, but I did see quite a range of fresh and frozen produce, all labeled organic / conventional which is handy and I will most certainly be back VERY soon to check out their wares and no doubt try some more food & drink!

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Freo / South of the River I highly, highly recommend checking it out and supporting little businesses who are looking out for your health & wellbeing.

Manna Wholefoods & Cafe

274 South Tce
South Fremantle
WA 6162

Ph: (08) 9335 7995
Fax: (08) 9335 7795

Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm, Sat: 8.30am-5pm, Sun: 10am-4pm

Manna Wholefoods and Cafe on Urbanspoon

Be well,



Restaurant Review: Grill’d, Mount Lawley.


Ancient sediment. It’s what you have probably been living under if you’re unaware that there are ALL OUT BURGER WARZ taking place nightly in various hip suburbs throughout Perth.

Burger joints, all vying for a piece of your sandwich lovin’ dollar, are popping up everywhere, all trying to be the next tastiest thing and I’ve taken it upon myself to review the various vegetarian options they’re sporting. Hard life, hard life.

I had experienced a small sample of Grill’d joy on a trip to Melbourne long-ago, their claims of 100% vegan burger patties filled my heart with joy & jealousy at the time.

Namely because I knew such forward-thinking food outlets would never come to Perth. Pout. Internal frustration. Vague thoughts of moving to Melbourne. Deal with it.

NOT SO PERTHIES, NOT SO. Grill’d now exists smack-bang in Mt Lawley (next to Astor / Gelare). Winners.

So, Garden Goodness Burger:

Ingredients: Premium quality veggie pattie (vegan), beetroot, tasty cheese, avocado, salad, relish & herbed mayo.

The wholemeal bun thrills me, the pattie tastes a little smoky in the most delicious of ways and the beetroot adds a tiny bit of messy sweetness to the whole ordeal. The star of the show, however is the holy herbed mayo.

This stuff is INSANELY tasty and I’m not much of a mayo girl. If you order the chips, bypass the relish & go straight for the herbed mayo dipping sauce, you wont regret.

Overall, the burger is magnificent. So much so, that I literally ordered it THREE TIMES last week when I live about 35-40 minutes drive from Mount Lawley, so that’s serious business or addiction on my end.

I am rating it 4.5 / 5. It loses half a point due to my own fussiness, gourmet lettuce leaves aren’t my thing so I always eradicate them from my burger.

Dear Grill’d,

Exist South of the River in Perth and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed minimum earning of $11.50 per week. But it will probably be more like $80 per week, because I am just that keen on your Garden Goodness.

Anyone that wants to be my bestie can send me Grill’d gift vouchers (they have those!) in the mail. Go on!


Smitten by the Goodness-of-Gardens:



Location: Mt Lawley

669 Beaufort Street
Mt Lawley 6050

Ph:9271 9444

Grill'd Mount Lawley on Urbanspoon

Be well,


Food Review: The Juicy Beetroot, Fremantle.

Tofu Burger @ The Juicy Beetroot, Fremantle.

Once upon a time in a sunny little town by the sea, existed a quaint cafe nestled down a mysteriously secret lane. Those who stumbled upon this lane by chance, or a lifetime of searching, were treated to a bounty of healthy vegetarian & vegan options to fuel them for their next adventure… this cafe was known to the travellers as “The Juicy Beetroot“.

The Juicy Beetroot is, as mentioned in a weird storybook kind of way, a bit of a hidden gem in Fremantle. You most likely wont find it if you’re not looking for it, as it’s not located near the main shopping / eating district.

One thing to mention is that the dining atmosphere is EXTREMELY casual, with a mish mash of chairs & tables, mismatched plates and cups and a cooler where you go to fill your own steel cup with water. The place has a hippie / buddhist kind of vibe to it, with coloured flags and Eastern style paintings and decorations.

There’s the option to sit indoors or outdoors in the sun and under the trees, which is what I usually do to get some Vitamin D.

A word of warning: The trees that grow outside seem to be very attractive to a particular type of small bug, and if you are sitting right under one of the trees, bugs can be known to fall onto the table or your plate or yourself… so do be careful to watch out for these lest you accidentally ingest one :)

The Tofu Burger ($9) is fabulous and definitely worth going out of your way for. A large slab of marinated tofu on one of the most delicious rolls I have ever tasted (I think it might be Abhis Bakery) with avocado, beetroot (which I usually nix), tomato, lettuce, vegan mayo and pesto.

To wash it down I had a self concocted apple, pear & lemon juice. Tasty.

My friend enjoyed his variety of 3-4 curries and brown rice ($9), but just quietly I think the Tofu Burger was better!

Juicy Beetroot is recommended for super casual, healthy, lunchtime meals. As well as the burger and curries, they have a hot dish of the day (Pumpkin Lasagne when we were there), pre-made variety of rolls on crisp baguettes, smoothies, a mix of interesting cold salads, desserts and little sweets.

Please note they don’t accept EFTPOS!

Tum Tum Tree Lane,
132 High St, Fremantle


Type: Vegan-friendly
Half price specials after 3pm. Open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Cash only.

Juicy Beetroot Cafe on Urbanspoon

Be well,


Raw Food in Perth: The Raw Kitchen!

As previously mentioned, Raw Food is slowly starting to make it big, even in our little city more and more people are discovering the health and beauty benefits of eating a non-processed, fresh and organic based diet.

One company that I’ve happened upon recently is The Raw Kitchen, run by Heath and Emma, and after e-mailing with Emma for a while, it’s hard not to get excited about their business because she is so full of information and passion for all the different and healthy ways of eating and existing.

Taken from their website:

“The raw kitchen is a Perth based company offering community classes and workshops teaching the benefits and power of raw, whole, real, nourishing food. In addition, we also offer raw catering, kids and school parties and raw health product supply.
Our classes offer simple, practical, hands-on, applicable ways to incorporate raw food, to whatever degree, into your lifestyle.”

Their cooking, or un-cooking as it’s commonly referred to as, classes include something for everyone!

From an “Intro to Raw” class to find out what the heck Raw Food is, how a meal made just of fruit and vegetables can be filling and ways to incorporate more fresh foods into your diet, with tastings of raw goodies in a non-judgemental setting – you aren’t going to be crucified for being an omnivore. It’s not about being militant and critical of your diet, but showing you how to slowly increase your intake of healthful, wellbeing inducing, life-giving foods!

Other workshops include such treats as; Mains Made Easy (plenty of ideas for delicious dinners), Raw Lunchbox (tips on making great food to bring to school or the office), Decadent Desserts (need I say anything else?) and more!

Photo borrowed from Hold the Beef

Aside from the un-cooking classes, they also have a cute smoothie stall every week at the brand new Subiaco Farmers Market!

There are a few types of smoothies available, all at the reasonable price of $6:

Green Smoothie – baby spinach, frozen banana and water. Great introductory smoothie as it’s a classic and there’s an option to add mango or strawberry for $1.

Strawberry Sip – strawberry, banana, almond milk, vanilla. YUM! Can’t wait to try this!

Choc It To Mecacao (raw chocolate), agave, almond milk.

King Hit: Choc Chilli – cacao, cayenne pepper, almond milk. A real kick!

There’s also a range of supplements you can add too and they use 100% biodegradable and compostable cups and straws. Very eco-friendly.

They also stock many, many raw essentials such as food stuffs, blenders, books and dvds.

In summary, if you can get down to see these guys and try a smoothie then you wont be disappointed! You can find out more information about the classes and catering there, or you can join the Raw Kitchen Mailing List:!

Three cheers for innovative companies who are bringing us new ways to be happy, healthy & leave our taste buds satisfied.

Ps. Here is a fabulous book on raw smoothies (which I admittedly haven’t read but would love to): Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Toward Natural Health

Urban Spoon rating: The Raw Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Be well,