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Melbourne Restaurant Review: Yong Green Food, Fitzroy

♥ Photo by wheresthebeef?

When I knew I was going to Melbourne I started researching raw restaurants, vegan restaurants and vegetarian places.

I was surprised to find that since I left there two years ago the raw food revolution hasn’t taken over, it’s barely crept in, or maybe I was looking in all the wrong places.

In saying that I must tell you right now before I explode – Yong Green Food surpassed all my expectations – it was fabulous!

My daughter and I arrived at about 8:30 on a Friday night and as we approached the restaurant we saw a huge group of people out the front, “Surely they’re not waiting to go in” I said to Candice. I haven’t had to line up for a very long time to get in somewhere and I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of lining up for food.
But they were.

So, the deal is no reservations, you turn up, go into the restaurant write your name and number down in the book by the drink cabinet and wait to be called.
The issue was there were five names before ours and we were starving!

Sadly by this stage we’d read the menu which looked absolutely fabulous so now we couldn’t go anywhere else.

25 minutes later and it was our turn. The only issue then was how to decide what to eat. We wanted everything on the menu, followed by another serving of each.

♥ Nacho’s with chia chips

Lentil Hot Pot

Grilled Kingfish

We knew that we would be coming back at least one more time before I returned to Perth so we decided on the Raw Nachos – chia chips with cashew sour cream, guacamole and chili as an entree to share. Candice had the Lentil Hot Pot for main while I chose the Grilled King Fish.

The nachos were amazing, the chia chips were light, crisp and divine. Candice did say that she preferred my sour cream (there’s a girl who knows which side her bread’s buttered), but agreed that it was the best guacamole she’s ever tasted.

The Lentil Hot Pot was perfect, it was a bit of a chilly night in Melbourne (surprise, surprise) and the warmth of the dish was a perfect fit.

The Grilled King Fish was lovely too, and if I hadn’t tasted the Lentil Hot Pot first I would have been in heaven, ah the joys of coveting thy neighbours food.

Surprisingly neither of us had room for dessert so we left it at that.

The service was wonderful, our waitress was full of smiles, tips and advice. And we were planning our next meal before we even walked out the door.

The next time you’re in Melbourne you must drop into Yong Green Food and then go down the road to Neo Tokyo where you can pick up your new vegan handbag.

Service: 5 stars
Food: 5 stars
Price: 5 stars

Win win win!

Note: We went back there Saturday night and then again Tuesday night (only because we were in Ocean Grove Sun and Mon) and the food was even better!

Girl crush alert! Ruby Rose was at the table next to us on Saturday night. How gorgeous is she!

In the comment box below I’d love to know anywhere in Perth that serves Raw Vegan food, or just good old-fashioned vegetarian.

Yong’s Green Food
Address: 421 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Phone: (03) 9417 3338

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Bali Day Spa Review: Away Spa, W Retreat and Spa, Bali – Seminyak.

For those who are in the knoW, W Hotels are a chain of worldwide luxury hotels. When I first heard of them, I was intrigued to read that celebrities Heidi Klum and Seal had stayed at the newly opened W Hotel in Bali, Seminyak (where we stayed). From then on, I was very eager to try out the treatments on offer at the on premises amazing sound beauty and wellness centre, the ‘Away Spa‘ and receive some star treatment! I was pleasantly surprised, I was Whisked away by the atmosphere and facilities they have on offer.

Located on the ground level of W Retreat is the exotic looking entrance to the spa. “Whatever, Whenever” is their motto and it’s no wonder because it’s open 24/7 and is the first of it’s kind. The path to the spa is surrounded by water and colourful stones imprinted with “wish” and “hope” which is what W hotels is about, little surprises that delight! The friendly staff greet us as we step in the door and soon after we are introduced to our individual therapists before our 4 hour long appointment. The only requirement for our Pimp Me Up package is “dress to impress and we do the rest”, and they certainly took care of the rest, because for the next 4 hours we were treated to something very special.

As I look around the brightly lit blue massage room, there are robes and slippers prepared for us in the corner. There are two massage tables on a platform infront, and shower facilities behind. After changing into a robe, my therapist asks me to choose 6 out of 10 coloured bottles. These bottles are filled with aromatherapy oils to be used in the massage. After 5 blissful days in Bali, I felt refreshed and energised so I pick 6 vibrant colours, which turn out to be the most zesty scents. I chose a bright orange that smelt like an orange being spritzed into a bottle. This playful little gesture of picking colours added another element to the W spa experience. My therapist made sure to check with me that each scent was okay before applying the oils to my body. Uncertain about the bright blue light at first, I quickly get used to it after the first few minutes of my soothing 90 minute aromatherapy massage.

After a few refreshments the therapist explains to me what is next – the very luxurious Diamond Dust Scrub. The Diamond Dust Scrub is made from actual diamond dust particles and is an exclusive blend. At first it felt quite cold but further into it the scrub was invigorating. My therapist scrubbed my body from head to toe, front and back. A short time later, I stepped into a nice hot shower and rinsed off the scrub, I could still see flecks of diamonds on my skin and it shimmered in the blue light.

Next step in our pimping process, a 24-karat gold wrap. Yes you heard (read) right, a blend of 24-karat gold in a hydrating lotion, massaged on to our exfoliated skin to add moisture while experiencing a bit of glitz and glamour. When the therapist slathered the gold wrap on to my skin, I snuck a peek at my arm and I could see flecks of gold and squealed excitedly to myself. The lotion had a thick consistency and felt soft on my skin was massaged over my entire body. After about 20 minutes I rinsed off (yes shock horror!) the gold lotion in the shower. Hoping that not all the gold had gone down the drain, I came out of the shower and noticed my skin had gold flecks and it was shimmering in the light. A truly unique experience! It’s also good to know that the blend of ingredients in W’s own scrubs and lotions are 100% natural.

Some of the products used in our treatment.

After the whole body treatments, my face was treated to a Bright Eyes facial using a mixture of Priori and W’s products. The Priori range of anti-aging products contain ingredients that are ideal for cleansing and exfoliating the skin and they used a moisturiser that protects and hydrates for more than 8 hours. The Priori eye-serum firms and boosts weary and tired eyes, rich in spirulina, witch hazel and comfrey extracts, thus the Bright Eyes name (not to be confused with the band). A spritz of the ‘Away’ facial mist in a lavender scent to finish the facial, refreshing and light, they also sell the products to take home with you in the salon.

Some of the heavenly face mists.

At last when I opened my eyes, I felt like a goddess that had just woken from a deep slumber, refreshed and rejuvenated. Our therapists took such care with our hands and feet and gave us the most amazing manicure and pedicure using OPI colours. Words can’t even describe how I was feeling after 4 hours of indulgence, it was a truly one of a kind experience.

One of the lovely therapists.

To top off the 5 star treatment, we were served gourmet style tapas in the spa’s dining room accompanied by a choice of a smoothie, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

And if you thought that wasn’t enough, the spa also has a hot stone bath and cold jet set vitality pool to keep your relaxed, so you don’t have to stop there.

With an extensive list of treatments offered there are endless possibilities at Away Spa & Retreat in Seminyak/Bali, and you’ll come out feeling like a million bucks, (or literally worth a million bucks after the over the top gold wrap!) it is certainly worth the trip.

W also provide the SWEAT Fitness Centre which is also open 24/7. The gym is fully equipped with treadmills, cross-trainers, weight machines, yoga mats and speed ropes for gym junkies that like to go on holiday and keep up with their exercise routine. They also offer personal trainers as part of their Whatever/Whenever service at any time of day. Where else can you get that kind of service?

I would like to extend my gratitude to W hotels and their absolute commitment and accommodating staff and Wellness WA for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful spa, an ideal escape for a honeymoon or a getaway with a girlfriend for a well deserved break.

Ambience: Sophisticated and Luxurious
Spa Dining: Light Snacks and Drinks at Chill Bar and Decompression Lounge
Special Facilities: 5 Treatment Rooms, 2 Spa Suites, Nail Lounge, and Hair Salon
Spa Hours: 24 Hour
Cost: 4,600,000 aka roughly $495 AUD
More Information: Pimp Me Up

Have you ever been to a spa in Bali? Any other recommendations for us? Share your knowledge below!

Review by Kelly-Anne, newly awakened Balinese princess. Photos by Tegan Taudigani.

Be well,