Alternative Therapy Review: Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) at Evolve Wellness Coaching.

Body language is a familiar concept to most, and the impact it has in our interactions with others is huge. But what about the 'conversation' our own body has with ourselves? It feels increasingly difficult these days to tune in to our bodies and the messages they send our way. Whether it be a job that keeps us constantly in our minds, endless technology distractions or the demands of looking after others, there can be precious little time in modern life to really connect with ourselves.

Meditation and yoga can be very helpful in this respect. There are also powerful approaches such as Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) which I started working with about 18 months ago. SRI is a series of twelve simple exercises using breath, movement and touch designed to increase levels of perception in your body. Each of the exercises relates to a state of consciousness, such as feeling stuck, disconnected or conflicted in life. The approach was developed by Donald Epstein, the creator of network chiropractic. You can read about my experiences of Network Spinal Analysis here!

Although simple, SRI is extremely profound. I recently worked with Ginette Hillman of Evolve Wellness Coaching , an experienced SRI facilitator who operates from the Fremantle area. The session starts with a conversation so that Ginette can ascertain which of the twelve exercises would be of most benefit to you. You then move onto a comfortable massage table and Ginette gently guides you through the relevant exercises, which involves placing your hands in various positions on and around your body, focused breathing and using specific phrases to express the state of consciousness you are working with.

In the weeks leading up to the session I'd been feeling pretty out of sorts – anxious, overwhelmed. As I worked through the SRI process I felt a strong emotional release and also some 'tingles' and coughing, as trapped energy was freed up. After the session I felt an incredible sense of lightness and the underlying anxiety that's plagued me for weeks has magically transformed into a deep peace. I'm sleeping better too.

Ginette is wonderful to work with. She is extremely caring and understanding, which enabled me to feel safe and relax into the process. She has an intuitive gift to sense how you are feeling, including where you may be 'stuck' or disconnected, and to gently coach you into greater awareness and openness. Once you've had a series of SRI sessions with Ginette to learn and refine the technique you can also self-practice, making it a very empowering healing tool. In addition to SRI Ginette offers wellness coaching – see for more details.

Introductory Course 6 weeks

1 hour introduction to SRI plus 5 x 30 minutes sessions $297

An Introduction to the Discover Stages of Healing; stages 1,2,3

♥ Reduce stress and fearfulness
♥ Connect with your bodies messages and feedback

SRI Ongoing Sessions 30 minute sessions $47

How do you check in with your body? What do you find most helpful?

Article by a very 'zen' feeling Karen, holistic health coach and owner of Conscious Cravings whose mission is to inspire people be more nourished with food, life and love. Find her on Facebook!

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Alternative Therapy Review: Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Innate Wisdom Wellness Centre

It’s surprising that a treatment-junkie like me hasn’t tried chiropractic care before. The main thing that came to mind before starting Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) at Innate Wisdom Wellness Centre was bones being strenuously cracked into place – not particularly appealing!

I couldn’t have been more wrong. NSA involves gentle touches to specific areas of the spine, designed to coach or ‘entrain’ your body to rediscover its natural state of health and wellbeing. A body-breath awareness technique called Somato Respiratory Integration accompanies NSA. Both are designed to facilitate a deeper connection with your body’s rhythms and messages.

It seems counter-intuitive that such a gentle practice can really make a difference, but this assumption was soon blown right out of the water. One of the first things I noticed was much deeper breathing, known as the ‘breath wave’. It was wonderful. An old leg injury also started to magically correct itself as my posture improved.

And then came the emotional release, as my nervous system really began to wake up…..a soft touch here, a flood of tears; a gentle stroke there, a fit of giggles. I’ve frequently arrived at the centre weighed down by stress and left feeling lighter than air – my emotional range has definitely been given a thorough workout!

There are several stages of NSA care with the first being ‘Discover’. Everyone’s experience of care is unique and Discover hasn’t always been an easy process for me. This stage is all about creating a greater awareness of stored tension, some of which may have been locked away for a long time. This has forced me to slow down and really listen to what my body was telling me, which has been very empowering.

As I transition from ‘Discover’ into the ‘Transform’ stage, I feel truly blessed to have come across this profound approach to wellness and look forward to continuing my NSA adventure ☺

Contact Innate Wisdom Wellness Centre (located in Subiaco) for more information on Network Spinal Analysis.

Have you ever tried chiropractic? What have your experiences been with this modality?

Review by Karen: she’s a corporate chick by day, but loves to indulge her inner hippy the rest of the time.

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