Wellness Tips #1

Sometimes we need a little help to be the best we can be, Wellness Tips will be your weekly mini dose of healthy eating ideas, easy feel-good tricks anyone can try, links to useful websites & MUCH MUCH MORE! All related to beauty, wellbeing and feeling great.

1. The Carrot – While rather curiously named, The Carrot is a unique new concept that makes keeping track of a wide range of personal day to day information; from food eaten, energy level, job satisfaction, sex life, mood and a over 30 more ‘trackers’ that you can tailor to suit your needs.

The idea is that if you keep track of things that you may not usually, you can begin to see the patterns between your moods, eating and behaviours for example.

There’s a fairly comprehensive reporting system and I found the whole website very easy to sign up with and simple to use.

Definitely recommended, especially for those of us who spend a bit of time on the computer and are interested in health and wellbeing!

2. Daily Om – I’ve been receiving the Daily Om e-mails for about a year now and I look forward to seeing them in my inbox because they are calming, food for thought and a little (inner) spiritual. Highly recommended.

3. I’ve only just discovered dried cranberries and am a total convert. They are an absolutely delicious and healthy (extra points for organic) way to sweeten up a salad, with porridge or as part of a trail mix snack with pistachios, almonds and walnuts, which is currently my snack of choice and loving it!

Cranberries are beneficial to cholesterol levels, great for the heart, cancer fighting and FULL of antioxidants.

Be well,


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