Raw Food: A Primer

While for years many have deemed Perth slower to catch on, less trendy and dare I say it, boring, in comparison to our hyper-cool sibling cities of Melbourne and Sydney, seemingly lately the quality of life, art and culture are taking a turn for the exponentially greater.

More bands and festivals visit us, more art galleries and trendy boutiques are popping up and we even seem to be progressing enough that many of our restaurants now have more than zero to one vegetarian options for our animal loving friends.

Taking this a step further though are Raw Foodists. To those of you who this idea is new to, please read ahead with an open mind, I’m not trying to convert or make you do anything you don’t want to, just providing alternate ideas and ways to access health and wellness!

Raw Diet: A raw vegan diet consists of unprocessed, raw plant foods that have not been heated above 46 °C (115 °F). “Raw foodists” believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost much of their enzymes and nutrients and are less healthy or even harmful to the body. Typical foods include fruit, vegetables, smoothies, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains and legumes.

Most people would think the idea of no cooked food to be somewhat ridiculous, however take a look at some of the widely documented benefits of people who eat a high raw diet report:

<3 Decreased need for sleep & greater energy throughout the day <3 Improved skin; healthy glow & reduction in acne / wrinkles <3 Weight loss <3 Bouts of euphoria (seriously), consistent feelings of wellbeing and positivity <3 Healing of many old "aches & pains" <3 And so many, many more! It's different for everyone, basically whatever you have issue with within your body can be helped by eating more fresh, raw foods. Here is a great quote: “Really, when you look at it logically, it makes sense. How could it possibly be bad for your body to subsist on lots of fresh, healthy produce from the earth?”Source

There’s so much info out there about eating raw, but the best rundown I’ve found is: The Living and Raw Foods F.A.Q! They explain it all very clearly and concisely!

I can personally attest to the benefits of raw smoothies, my favourite is a few handfuls of fresh baby spinach, one banana, cupful of frozen berries, tsp wheatgerm and tbsp flaxseed oil with half a cup of apple juice and one cup of water. Whizz that up in a blender, and you will have your very own delicious liquid sludge that I can ASSURE YOU will make you feel sooooo amazing. I always feel so full of energy, positive and healthy when I drink these delights. I honestly never feel better.

If what you’ve always been eating and doing isn’t making you feel amazing, then maybe it is time to try something new, because it IS possible to feel happy, energetic and full of vitality every day. What you put into your body, is what you get out of it!

Some of my favourite Raw Food Blogs that will give you some fantastic ideas about recipes and living raw! AND you’ll see how gorgeous and healthy these ladies and their children look, it really is quite amazing: Choosing Raw, Kristen’s Raw, Green & Crunchy.

For hard-copy reading pleasure, here is one of the most popular books on raw right now, check out the testimonials: Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People!

Next, I’ll give you some information on raw food in Perth! Yes, there are some innovative, health conscious companies bringing this new way of thinking to our little city! Stay tuned…

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