A little bit of healthy shopping.

♥ sprouts ♥

Today Wellness WA went shopping & picked up a few handy dandy bits ‘n pieces to keep us glowing & healthy during this silliest of seasons.

Jojoba Oil

This stuff is a delight, but it’s pretty expensive as far as natural oils go. I bought a little 25 ml bottle by the brand Tri Natural which cost about $10, the good thing is that you usually only need a few tiny drops for most of it’s uses!

Gala Darling wrote an article on her experience with Jojoba Oil & it’s benefits, entitled Jojoba Oil is the Elixer of the Gods. She’s probably right.


These little buddies have just been thrown back on my radar by the ever lovely Em of The Raw Kitchen. She grows her own sprouts (cool or what?) and apparently eats them all day long! From the photos I have seen she is a bastion of glowing skin & her energy is amazing.

Because sprouts are in effect still growing when we consume them, they retain a lot of active vitamins, minerals and enzymes – things that are lost during cooking / preservation. This is fabulous for you and your body.

Today I purchased a pack of alfalfa & brocolli sprouts. YUM. I previously made the grave error of buying a ‘salad pack’ which comprised of three sprout varieties, one being radish.

I absolutely cannot handle anything hot & spicy so this made me gasp for water repeatedly & randomly whilst eating. Not the best! Learn from my misfortune if you feel you may be the same…


One of my top culinary loves. I swear by this for glowing skin if 2 x avocados are eaten weekly. Unfortunately I don’t always get around to doing this, it’s something I’m working on!

Besides this, they are delicious and great for the heart, joints, hair…pretty much everything! If you are watching your weight don’t eat -too- many as they are quite high in (good) fats.

Frozen Mixed Berries

Another favourite of mine. So delicious & so good for you. Most common uses for me are:

– on top of porridge
– in a vanilla or chocolate soy smoothie
– in a green smoothie

I plan to bake a mixed-berry pie one day soon when the heat calms down a bit!

So all this along with going for a nice evening walk tonight and drinking lots of water has put me in a good mood wellness wise.

I’m also reading this great book by the founder of Aveda at the moment.

In the morning I take about 20 minutes to quietly read from it while drinking a cup of green tea, I find it very relaxing; it’s a well written book on the concepts that inspire him & how to incorporate many small wellness ‘rituals’ into your day.

It’s lovely and I really recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed my little shopping list! Let me know if you’d like to read more.

Be well,


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