Exercise Review: The Perth Bridges!

The Bridges in WA

You are: Cardio lover, looking for a bit of variety in your exercise routine, love getting outdoors.

I am: A workout for all fitness levels, guaranteed to give you a beautiful view, very versatile – you can experience me in so many ways!

Verdict: Lets get together! Opt for something different and ‘Do the Bridges’ Today!

The starting point for this 10 km route is anywhere you like along the North or South Swan River foreshore in Perth. The course follows the South Foreshore to the Causeway Bridge number one and then on to the North foreshore and Narrows Bridge number two. Bridge order is depending on which way you decide to take, clockwise or counter-clockwise, surrounding the beautiful Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

The reason why this track is so popular with runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists (WARNING! Watch out for the “cycle-way” and don’t even try to get in their way because some cyclists can be aggressive) is because from every angle of the path is a magnificent view over-looking the Perth skyline and various local landmarks.

Being out in the fresh air, a nice change from the gym, is another reason this is a much loved route. There are many walkers who take their dogs out to frolic and strut, along with birds that pose along the sidelines of the river.

Sunset is the best time of day to go, as there is exquisite picture taking to be experienced for those so inclined. Also with the weather getting warmer, the evening air suits anyone who doesn’t like the hot sun.

The duration of the course is linked with your fitness level. A fit person running at a steady pace will take approximately 2 hours. A bike ride takes about an hour. Time flies though when it is an enjoyable exercise and even quicker if you bring a friend along to walk / jog / run / exercise with you.

If you’re on your own, an mp3 player will give you the boost you need and it’s great to run along to some catchy beats! My current recommendations are: Daft Punk, Birds of Tokyo or La Roux.

The best thing about this course is that it almost forces you to do the whole 10kms to get back to your car. As a bonus, there is plenty of eye-candy, which is a great motivational tool for those who feel like giving up.

Ladies who are wondering what to wear, crop tops are more than acceptable. Sunglasses are a necessity and don’t forget your hat. It is highly recommended to bring a water bottle with you, there are many water fountains along the way but it is important to keep constantly hydrated especially in the Summer months.

The feeling of slight exhaustion subsides after the massive feat, and the endorphins kick in. Sometimes to variate the course it’s fun to create obstacles along the way, such as push-ups and sit-ups to tone the body to throw in some strength along with your cardio. Either way you will reap the rewards from this mammoth achievement.

: Word of warning is the midgies that have come out to play around this time of year, but this is almost avoidable if you don’t stay out too late.

Upsides: It’s free, gorgeous, can be a social activity, good for a perve, fido gets fit too, plenty of variation, SO good for you! There’s something for everyone.

Author: Kelly – The Bridges Activist.
Kelly has been doing the bridges for 6 months and also accomplished the City to Surf in Perth, Western Australia. She keeps healthy & feeling great by creating her own recipes at home, reading cooking magazines, going to the beach, getting massages every so often, spending time with wonderful friends and keeping creative in her chosen field, Graphic Design.

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  1. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Thanks for this review Kelly!

    I can personally attest to this lass’ fitness & determination!

    I’m not sure if I am quite ready to do the whole bridges, but I’m definitely keen to have a bit of a bike ride and check out some birds and pups one evening down on the beautiful foreshore.

    Be well,


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