How to: Get a great wax at a salon. Part 2!

The sweltering heat this past week has once again inspired me to contemplate the ins & outs of hair removal.

Don’t head to the beauty salon without first heeding this advice…

Timing is Everything

Super mega duper wuper exclamation points on this one! Do not go for a wax when your body decides that it is in fact, not pregnant. It’s different for everyone but from about week and a half before, it’s best to leave it.

All those hormones doing their thing make us girls sensitive little bunnies and subsequently this act of hair removal inflicts much more pain than it does at other times of the month. I’ve cried when I was hormonal because someone bought the wrong pasta sauce (no, really), trust me when I say that waxing during this time is about 50 million times worse than that.

In my experience the best time to go is about a week after your girl time.

Trim trim

I think I can spare too much detail here and assume that y’all know how to use a pair of scissors, delicately of course. Some lady garden trimming wont go astray and will make it much easier for the therapist to get all the hair with minimum pain!

Don’t cut the hair too short though, otherwise the wax may not be able to grip properly. No wild forest & no barren desert will make things optimal for both you and the beauty therapist.

Modest Mouse

This is something I get asked about a lot. “Don’t you get shy getting semi-naked in front of a stranger?” and the answer is honestly not really.

Even from my first experience, the girls have always been so professional yet casual that it always puts me at ease. They see all types of girlies every day, there’s nothing you can throw at them that they wouldn’t be accustomed to. And they will usually just be chatting away about their boyfriend or asking what you are doing on the weekend to help you feel comfortable.

I’ve spoken with beauty therapists about this issue & the consensus is that they just want to get the hair off you as painlessly as possible, they’re not really interested in having a perve!

So no need for shyness! Modesty be gone! Think of the gorgeous smooth skin & weeks of not having to fuss around with razors / tweezers / magic voodoo praying for the hair to disappear. Totally worth it.

There will be two more articles on waxing coming out within the next few weeks!

Ps. Check me out: How to get a great wax @ a salon: Part 1!

Are you too shy to get waxed? Seasoned pro? Leave any questions or comments below!

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  1. Leire says:

    Its strange to think that where I live the odd ones out are the people who DON’T wax! I wouldn’t be able to live without it.

    By the way, what about threading? Isn’t it much better for more sensitive parts? (Like eyebrows, facial hair?)

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