The Perfect Yoga Start-Up Kit!

Given my interest bordering on obsession with the benefits of yoga there are lots of questions that are constantly being thrown my way. While I am always happy to help one-on-one, I thought it might be useful to answer one of the more common questions here!

I really want to get into yoga, what do I need to bring to a class?

There are a few things you may need that you might not have thought of, read on to find out how to construct your very own Perfect Yoga Start-Up Kit!

Note: Though most yoga companies provide the bare essentials for their classes, if they are very popular equipment may run out. The other benefit of having your own gear is hygiene, you’re the only one sweating on it & you know how clean it is.

– Numero Uno! Most importantly you will want a great quality yoga mat. There are mats of varying thickness, you’ll want to choose one that is thick enough to provide some comfort on a hard surface, as well as being non-slip so the mat doesn’t slide around all over the place when you are trying to practice your yoga.

Think about your personality when buying a mat as well, there are plenty of colours to choose from so pick one that will inspire you to be zen, be active or be healthier. My pick are these gorgeous mats that come in an amazing array of colours!

– Next, you’ll want some clothes, though I’m sure there’s naked yoga somewhere in the world, it’s best not to risk it. Maybe a review for another day?!

This is really a personal preference; tight shorts, baggy shorts, track pants, legging style workout gear, singlets, t-shirts – you can really take your pick! Be sure to take the weather into account when choosing what to wear, however make sure you bring a light sweater or blanket along to pop on at the end of class for meditation because your body loses a lot of heat during this time.

For cheap & cheerful opt for K-Mart, Best & Less or Target. If you have money to burn you can head to Lulu Lemon which is a new yoga & sportswear store just opened in the ENX100 building in the city!

– An eye pillow is your next stop. These are FANTASTIC! My favourite types are lightly scented with lavender for extra relaxation and usually filled with rice or seeds to delicately rest on the eyelids, block out light and soothe.

This one looks great: Barefoot Yoga Silk Eye Pillows – with Flax Seed & Lavender Scent!

– You’ll want a water bottle, staying hydrated is super important during yoga so this is a must have! Sure you can grab a plastic bottle from the supermarket, but with health concerns about plastic bottles abound it may be nice to have your own reusable one (stylish, environmentally friendly & good for you!)

This is one of the most popular and well reviewed water bottles on the internet and free from lots of nasties, so well worth a look: CamelBak BPA-Free Better Bottle

– For women and men with long hair, don’t forget to bring a hair tie. Yoga can have you in upside down, inside out poses that you might never have expected and hair can get in the way and be annoying.

Deodorant. This is most certainly an essential! We’re all working together in a fairly small room usually and while our classmates are generally nice people, we don’t like them enough to endure their body odour. Please don’t forget this!

On the same token, don’t use strong (or any) perfume before coming to class. It spreads throughout the room and can be overpowering. Stick to a neutral deodorant and save the perfume for hot dates 😉

So these are your absolute basics! Depending on different yoga styles (for example, Iyengar) you may need some extra equipment, but it varies from class to class and your instructor can let you know.

Remember that you don’t need to go out any buy any special shoes or socks for yoga because it’s practiced barefoot.

The only other thing you’ll need to bring is a desire to quiet your mind and get a little bit more strength and flexibility. Sorted!

Be well,



  1. Kate says:

    Quick tip re clothing – don’t wear baggy/v-neck/ cleavage enhancing shirts – or if you do, wear then over a singlet that keeps you covered; you do a lot of bending in yoga and its easy to give the poor instructor an eyeful

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Kate,

    This is SO true! I’ve sometimes accidentally worn a baggy tee and you spend half the time making sure no one is inadvertently viewing your chest!!! Good tip 😉 x

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