Nailed it! (Part 1) Fantasy Nails, Bedford.

Acrylic Nail Salons in the Eastern ‘Burbs.

I love having acrylic nails. I can’t help it. I am addicted to the shiny, neat way my hands look when they’re just done.

Due to domestic downsizing, I went without them for a year and I eventually learnt that I am simply not disciplined enough to sit in front of telly, dutifully filing, shaping, buffing and coating all ten of those little suckers when I can pay someone else to do it in half the time.

So around Christmastime, in a fit of desperation, I had a full set of French acrylics back on. Being an acrylic aficionada, I was significantly underwhelmed with the result (at a service that shall remain nameless). So began the searching for a decent salon that would tick all the boxes.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with acrylic nails, acrylics are mixed by a nail technician from powder to create an acrylic material which adheres to your natural nail, making it very tough and durable. Depending on your nail growth, the acrylic takes about 3-4 weeks to grow to the point where your nails need to be “rebalanced” or in-filled.

“Permanent French” refers to creating a “French” manicured-look by using a white powder for the tip, then a pink powder for the nail bed. Typically, nail technicians should have appropriate qualifications, and of course, you should aim to check that out.

Over the coming months, I will be road testing a few nail salons in the eastern metro area and then rating them according to five categories: service, technique (of the technician and tools used), the finished nail form (whether a natural look is created through the ratio of pink and white, the shape and the thickness of finished nails), time, cost, plus an overall star rating, out of 5

Now remember, this is based on my opinion and how I like my nails to look; your requirements may be different but hopefully this will give you some hints about where and what to try.

For the purposes of our road-test, I will be having French in-fills, every 4 weeks. (All in the name of science!)

Fantasy Nails

Shop 6, 1010 Beaufort St, Bedford.

What I had done
: Permanent French acrylic refills, after 4 weeks’ growth.

Having been for a great, cheap pedicure at Fantasy Nails, I was hopeful that their acrylics would also fit the bill. I wasn’t disappointed. They actually seem to know something about nail health. The lovely tech noticed the red area below my old acrylic and commented that the nail bed had been damaged through the last tech filing too thin. (Needless to say, this was not at Fantasy Nails). This has left a line, visible through the new acrylic and that has to grow out. I thought this was just an unfortunate side-effect since I’d had this before and no one else had ever spotted it. Colour me impressed.


I made an appointment for late on a Thursday afternoon, although you can just walk in. If they’re busy, you may need to wait. The atmosphere is friendly, but efficient. Sure, chatter away, if you like, or not. It’s not a requirement. I didn’t make any new BFFs but I was treated respectfully and with a smile.
Nail form

Perfect ratio of white to pink – the white started just slightly lower than it would on my natural nail so they will continue to look balanced for at least two weeks. Nails were shaped square-round, as requested – smooth with no sharp corners. Thickness was the only aspect that let the form down – I prefer my nails reed-thin and this takes more time – a couple of nails look a bit chunky when looking laterally, down the nail. But from the top (and particularly when waving the little darlings around), the form is spot on.


I thought I’d seen it all until my nail tech used the end of a tip to cut into the drying white acrylic to create the curve. The result is a very clean line between the white and the pink, following the natural curve and shape of your finger. Electric drills are used, along with emery boards and buffers. The big surprise was the buffing paste. Ordinarily, I have a gel coat over the acrylic to create a shiny, wet look. My tech advised me that the gel overcoat isn’t necessary and instead, used a pink buffing paste which gave the acrylic a far more natural sheen. The buffed finish is looks glossy and smart.


Woah! Super-quick. I was in and out in 45 minutes.


Not the cheapest refills at $55 + $5 for one tip but worth it for the finish.

Overall rating

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (4.5)

Fantasy Nails also operates in Subi and Booragoon. Also give the pedicure a go (the chairs are brill!).

Article by Bron: I am 39, married and a full-time health professional. Like most busy women, I work way too hard and struggle to make my own health a priority. But I’m beginning to understand that wellbeing is all about having a rich, full and balanced life. (It is possible to love food, drink good wine and feel healthy – it’s called “living”!). One area I’m passionate about is how our psychological and emotional health interconnects with our physical health, particularly the role of stress. So I really look forward to writing about the stuff that I’m curious about, or battle with, and hope that it answers questions for you too 🙂
Bron x
PS Oh, and at this age, I’m also learning that gravity wins, no matter what!

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  1. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    I’ve never had acrylics done! I don’t know if I’m ‘girly’ enough, or I’m afraid I’ll end up with talon-esque claws that might scare small children!

    I am however, really into the french mani thing, always thought those were really cute.

    Looking forward to reading more reviews about the state of your fingertips! x

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