The wonders of Epsom Salts!

There’s not too much more relaxing than a nice hot bath. Despite the fact that it has reached over 40 here in the past few days, I found myself craving one. LUCKY FOR ME, Today was a delightful 28 degrees & a soak was on the cards!

I’ve long been a fan of Epsom salts (otherwise known as Magnesium Sulfate), you know, that weird box of crystals in the dark blue box with white writing that exists in the back of the laundry cupboard? Maybe this is just in my house…!

Well, I’ve recently discovered that this curious box contains a great stress relieving treat. Magnesium has long been known to reduce aches & pains by relaxing the muscles & blood vessels in the body (WHO KNEW?). The reduction in stress / anxiety come from these same benefits, relaxed muscles = relaxed mind.

Apparently a very high proportion of us are deficient in magnesium, which is a mineral that helps control high blood pressure, relaxation & helps the blood circulate smoothly! For more info on this super important little morsel, check out the WH Foods website & find out what you can munch on to get more! One of my favourite sites for sure!

So, I’m making these a part of my weekly routine. Once or twice a week, an epsom bath for me! I find that with a cupful of salts & a nice long soak, a wave of calm washes over me.

Apparently epsom salts are also good for the garden in some way according to my Mother, so you can go wild getting dirty with seedlings, worms & Magnesium Sulfate, then wash it all away with the same box of joy! I’m no gardener I’m afraid so take no responsibility for any withered blooms!

Have you ever had an epsom salt bath? Ever even HEARD of epsom salts? Leave a comment!

Be well,



  1. Bron says:

    Wow! Good old Epsom Salts, huh? Apparently Madonna is a huge fan and used to soak in the stuff. (But if you don’t like the way she looks now, that might not be much of a plug… sorry!). I do take magnesium to prevent leg and feet cramps + it can help muscle recovery after doing weights. Magic stuff! Thanks Annette! Now, where did that little blue box go?…

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    I’m down with Madonna. She’s withstood the test of time in a multitude of ways, so maybe the salts have some kind of preservative quality!

    I forgot to mention that epsom salts can be found from as little as $3-4 dollars a box!!

    A treat that anyone can afford, no fancy name brands required. Just pop down to your local supermarket or chemist and away you go.

    PS. The box is in the back of your laundry cupboard, I just know it…


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