Chick peas & mango spinach smoothie!

So I like to do little updates to let y’all know what wellbeing related things I’m upto and perhaps provide a little inspiration every now and then!

In the past week I have converted three people close to me to the JOY, MAGIC & WONDER (!!!) of smoothies containing spinach!!

With a combination of persuasiveness, persistence & the fact that the smoothies are, in fact, flippin delicious, three friends of mine overcame the deeply ingrained hurdle of spinach being a bland dinner vegetable & emerged on the other side amazed at the spinach + fruit combination.

One friend said, and I quote:

“This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had”

Person one and I sipped on tangy raspberry + spinach + banana + wheatgerm + little bit of apple / pear juice + water, while person two and I substituted raspberry for frozen mango, which made the smoothie really creamy & delish.

I’m going to keep a tally of how many people I convert!

In other stomach rumble inducing news, I’ve recently discovered and become addicted to THESE:


I’d been struggling for a while to find a good alternative to chips. Whats super crunchy & dry, still a little bit salty and not as terrible for you as shoving 3 packets of chips into your hungry gob daily?

These babies pass the test. With flying legume-based colours!

They’re an all natural wholefood, contain 24% protein, lots of iron & fibre, are low G.I, probiotic AND super low in fat (4 grams per 50g with less than 1 being saturated). Pretty amazing if you ask me and way better than chippies!

You can find out more about them at I picked up my packet from Woolies. Great company, great idea & their customer service is fantastic as well.

Try these few tidbits out and if you have any fantastic ideas for healthy snacks be sure to send them my way!

Be well,



  1. I’m a spinach smoothie convert, thanks to the Raw Kitchen. Mmmmmm. I suspect I may also develop a hankering for these chick peas.

    I have to admit I was a little aghast at your post title, as I thought you were making chick pea, mango & spinach smoothies.

    Oh and something I like to snack on when I’m not really hungry but just want to put something in my mouth is dried seaweed, which you can buy in little snack size packs in Asian supermarkets (I get mine from Trans Emporium). They’re reasonably salty but small in size so hopefully aren’t upping your sodium intake too much.

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Eeeeexcellent! Yeah I am yet to try ‘The Raw Kitchen’ smoothies but it’s high on my list of priorities 😉

    Who knows, chick peas in the smoothie could be okay?! I bought some ‘pea protein’ powder today which I’m going to do a write up of soon, pretty much tasteless unlike soy protein powder, just mix it in with a lil juice and away you go!

    Woah dried seaweed! Where did you get this idea from?! Interesting!!!


  3. I love green smoothies! Yet I haven’t made a spinach one with mango yet! Heres waiting till summer! Actually I have made one with strawberries, avocado and mango which was really nice and creamy!

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    You don’t need to wait til Summer!!!

    The one you made sounds fantastic and that will be on my list once the price of strawberries goes back to being at least somewhat reasonable 🙂

    I just whipped up my classic spinach, frozen blueberries, banana, hazelnut meal, apple juice & water and I feel great now!

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