Day Spa Review: Massage at Cove Spa, South Perth.

After a fairly intense past 6 months with little extra funds to ‘treat myself’, I got back into it Today with an hour long massage at my old fave, the Cove Spa (previously The Beauty Cove Day Spa) in South Perth.

At this moment, to me, Cove Spa is unparalleled. That being said, once I find a good thing I tend to stick with it! So this may be a biased opinion & I will be doing much more further investigation (hard life!) to see if I can find more wonderful places in Perth to get my pamper on!

I chose the standard 60 minute relaxation massage (at the princely sum of $105) to help combat the stress acquired from starting a new job & am so, so, so glad I did!

Here’s why:

♥ Comfy slippers, not all spas can say they have these but luckily this one can! So good to pad around in comfy slip ons.

♥ Free cups of tea! YAY! However, the water jug didn’t have any lemon slices in it, which it usually does. Lemon water is tasty. That’s my only gripe so I think they’re doing pretty fantastic!

♥ Expert masseuse. I was reluctant to venture away from my usual therapist Kate, but the girl I had (Sam) was just as good & really friendly! She made me feel comfortable & possesses magical hands.

♥ Aromatherapy! I was surprised when she asked me to inhale deeply three times (you lie with your head face down into a hole in the table), wonderful essential oils sent me that little bit further into relaxation, it was a really special touch that I loved and didn’t expect.

♥ Sam was really thorough, massaging onto my bottom (how proper!) a bit as there is a lot of tension held here for most of us due to sitting at computers all day long. Not for the shy I suppose, but excellent as part of a full body tension release.

♥ No pressure to leave the lounge area. I lazed around for about 20 minutes reading magazines and at no point felt rushed, which is how you want to feel after such a relaxing experience!

♥ Afterwards I felt so great and at peace with the world, which is how I always feel after a massage at Cove Spa. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

Highly recommended, once again.

Be well,



  1. Kelly says:

    Next time if you’re game, try the hot stone massage, it makes a world of difference I reckon 😉 It’s a whole new massage world!

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    I’ve had the hot stone massage before at Cove!

    I think it might be my ‘winter treat’! They have another massage style called ‘lomi lomi’ there too, which I’m yet to try, but very keen!


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