Win! Win! Win! Safire Natural Skincare! Win! Win! Win!

To celebrate our impending new website design, Wellness WA is throwing it’s first competition / internet party! Thanks to our gorgeous sponsor Safire, we have two excellent prizes to start two VERY lucky readers into a whole new world of luxurious natural skincare!

1st Prize: Safire Spa Gift Box (Value $230)

♥ Deep Clean Face Gel
♥ Rose Hydrating Mist
♥ Face Scrub
♥ Light Hydrating Moisturiser
♥ 3 hand crafted soaps (Premium Castile infused with Wild Thyme & Geranium, & Goats Milk infused with Lavender & Mandarin)
♥ Natural Australian Sandalwood Essence Candle
♥ Selection of bath bombs and salts infused with Hibiscus, Rosemary and other herbs & aromas

All comes beautifully wrapped in a box with ribbon.

Safire Natural Skincare Offers the Spa at Home gift box – a complete face care regime for beautiful skin. Why not treat yourself to a luxurious bath, create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting your Safire candle made of natural soy wax, dropping our hand crafted bath bombs and salts into the bath water – guaranteed to relieve muscle tension and release stress by letting your mind and body float into complete bliss. The intoxicating aromas of Hibiscus Petals, Lavender, Mandarin and Sandalwood with soothe your senses and revitalize you.

2nd Prize – Safire Starter/Travel Kit (Value: $105)

♥ 45ml Deep Clean Face Gel
♥45ml Rose Hydrating Mist
♥ 45ml Face Scrub
♥ 45ml Light Hydrating Moisturiser

The kit is ideal for someone on the move – features the complete Safire Face Care Range in 45ml pump bottles packed in an attractive and reusable cosmetic pack. Perfect for travelling as it fits nicely into overnight luggage, pack it into your gym bag to refresh your skin about a workout and because the bottles their convenient size they can be included in your hand luggage when undertaking plane travel!

I personally wish I could win these prizes soooooo much! But that would be cheating!

You, however, have an excellent chance @ scoring muchos goodies!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment answering the following question! PIECE OF (ORGANIC) CAKE!

What is the main factor that influences your skincare buying decisions? Price, specific ingredients, brand name, skin condition (what the product is offering to solve, eg – clears pimples, fights wrinkles), word of mouth, other?

So, so easy! Winner will be drawn @ random, entries open only to W.A. residents & one answer per person! Winner drawn next Monday! For an extra entry into the competition, retweet or post on Facebook, then in a seperate comment link to the activity and VOILA! More chances at winning this fab prize!!

Best of luck to you all!

Be well,



  1. madeleine spencer says:

    I choose in part by price and in part by skin condition – i have very very sensitive skin, and a lacking wallet!

  2. Bunty says:

    I definately choose based on skin condition and then find a product which treats the condition which I can afford. I have my favourite brands too but dont just buy for namesake. I guess I also have a look around on the internet for reviews of the products….so yep, most of the above I guess!

  3. Shelley Regan says:

    I choose products that have a proven track record as long as they’re affordable, I like trying samples so that I’m not wasting my money on things that might make my condition worse.

  4. Cassie says:

    Price – because I’m a struggling student ha! Word of mouth – often I ask my friends what they’re using. And finally skin condition – my skin is very sensitive.

  5. Imogen Bartlett says:

    I choose my products based on ingredients and results. I find that the more natural the product the better the outcome. In my previous experience my skin does not appreciate harsh chemical laden products. I usually find this a very difficult balancing act and am thankful for environmentally and customer focused skin care companies.

  6. Uptownerd says:

    Fortunately, ‘price’ as I am on a tight budget. However, I am lucky that my skin is open to all products so I am able to do this!

  7. skin condition (what the product is offering to solve, eg – clears pimples, fights wrinkles),
    I’m at an age where the skin tends to wrinkle and sag, Safire Natural skin care is the closest
    and safest protection to avoiding most skin disasters . No matter what price, if the product is trustable and works then I will buy.

  8. Emily says:

    I choose skincare mainly from reviews on the internet- its great to read what people have said about products before wasting that money you would have spent on a dud product. I have sensitive skin so I always research all products before buying anything 🙂

  9. Camille Barton says:

    I usually buy things that my friends have bought and reccomend, this allows me to try the product as well.

  10. Amy Ludin says:

    I’m sad to say for me its BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET 🙁
    But then, expensive isnt always best is it now? Always nice to get a bit of a pamper sometimes though with something that looks and feels a bit snazzy!

  11. Anetta says:

    For me it is a combination of things that impact my decision on purchasing any skincare goods, the products need to be ethically sound and gentle to the skin. Price plays a part in my choice too, but I guess that’s the case for a lot of people.

  12. Helen says:

    Safe ingredients are of paramount importance to me. I prefer to have effective natural ingredients that target specific skin issues. Word of mouth recommendation is good and samples are helpful. I also like to check out reviews on the internet if I can find them.

  13. Sandy says:

    I’m a sucker for reviews and love trying new things or things with rave reviews. Always buy for my skin condition, though!

  14. Lisa McCready says:

    I choose my skincare mainly through word of mouth and trial and error. I don’t feel you need to spend a lot of money and lots of the heavily advertised products are packed with things that are bad for your skin in the long run. Once you find something that works for you, you stick with it.

  15. El Loafo says:

    I choose my skincare products through word of mouth

  16. Alicia 'Fleecy' Juniper says:

    I choose my skincare by pretty much word of mouth.

  17. KP says:

    A combination of price, what the product is offering to solve & word of mouth. Having trialled a few of Safire’s products this range definately meets all of those.

  18. Janine says:

    It’s about choosing the right treatments that work for you skin at your particular time of life. Something that helps to protect against harsh enviromental influences. It’s also important to be aware of the ingredients in the products.

  19. Beth says:

    I always chose my skin care products mainly on word of mouth and affordability. I do a lot of trial and error with products til I find something I like in my price range. However, I recently started reading ingredients and I’m completely shocked!! I found some products I use on a daily basis contained PHEMALDEHYDE! which is toxic to the body and can have serious health implications. I am really going to be more cautious of what I am putting on my skin from now on and going to look into more organic and natural alternatives that meet my needs. I think as women we really have to be aware of these products and their potential to cause harm to our bodies. I have experienced miscarriage and an ovarian tumour in the past few years and although I am not at all blaming skin and body products for this, I feel we have to be aware of the terategons in these products (not only skin care products but various body and hair products too!) that can cause harm to not only us but also a developing baby. Everything we put on our skin is soaked into our body and blood. I think ingredients should always come before price when choosing products… the risk is just not worth it. Without our health we have nothing!

  20. Sarah O says:

    i always look for something with SPF protection in it to save my skin now and for the future x

  21. Elena says:

    I read the back of the product, testing is very essential, it is important that a product smelsl right, was of a pleasant texture (not too heay)

    Experts recommendations is a very important factor when buying a new product.

  22. Sherry Jahromy says:

    Mainly price, however i get tips from the cosmetics ladies at work on what brands are the best value for money. brand names usually have some weighting as well.

  23. Carly says:

    Absolutely SMELL. If I buy a product that has a smell I don’t immediately like, I will never buy it again.

  24. Di Brook says:

    I choose my skincare based on ingredients (the more natural the better), word of mouth and affordability. I am more interested in the quality and the product not being ‘chemically hazardous’. If this means I have to pay a little more, so be it.

  25. natalie says:

    I choose my products based on the ingrediants as I have very sensitive skin.

  26. Well, I guess word of mouth and skin condition get me to like a brand, and then I stick with that brand for certain products. Price DEFINITELY plays a role too.. as much as I’d like to try products that cost hundreds of dollars per item, it just ain’t gonna happen.

  27. Sue says:

    I make a decision about a skin care product based on the ingredients and what they claim to do. Ultimately, if I don’t like it when I have tried it, I would not continue. So, ingredients and by trial are the indicators for me.

  28. Jessicca Marion says:

    I buy a skin care products that suits my budget as well as one that will treat my skin condition.

  29. Irena says:

    Recommendations from friends, product reviews, and trying samples!!

  30. Astrid says:

    I make my decision based on track record. I have extremely sensitive skin and it’s all about trial and error for me. The more natural ingredients in a product the better. If I find a product that works for my skin I stick to it if it’s at a reasonable cost. I wont go paying a fortune for something simply for the brand when I could get a product that does the same thing for much less. Fragrance is also a factor in skin products as many fragrances can trigger off headaches for me.

  31. Hayley says:

    I go on recommendations from my beauty therapist in combination with word of mouth. I do have my favourite brands but these don’t govern what I buy. Price is always a factor and once I find a product I like I always search around for the best price (on the the internet, etc) !!

  32. Clare says:

    I choose mostly from word of mouth/ internet reviews etc. and then partly by price!

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