Some quick tidbits, PRIORI & Zoe Foster in Perth *fan girl swoon*!

HELLO! The past two weeks have been extremely busy in the Wellness WA camp and as such I haven’t been pumping out as many delicious articles as I would like to, sorry!

But please rest assured that there are so many amazing things in the wings, just waiting to come out and pounce on you when you least expect it, like a wonderful new puppy dog and you’ll remember why you love it and turn a blind eye to that time (or 12) that pups weed on the carpet and made you question why you even got it in the first place! Alright, terrible analogy OVER!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a seminar on ANTI-AGEING, which my friends will laugh about because at the ripe old age of 26, I commonly get mistaken for a lass of about 19-20. Anywho, the seminar was very-very-very-very interesting & extremely scientific. Flashbacks to high-school chemistry were frequent and I left really convinced that Dr Joseph A Lewis II (he pioneered the use of alpha hydroxy acids in skincare & much more!) knows what he is talking about. I also learned that lizards produce their own vitamin c, so they do not need to eat it!

If you are looking for some anti-ageing products then I would recommend checking out his brand, Priori Skincare, which is bursting at the seams with antioxidants and because he is super switched & has wonderful skin for an older guy. I’m a convert!

Second piece of news on the agenda,


You may or may not know, but Zoe Foster is without a doubt, the raddest woman in the Australian beauty industry.

Basically she is touring all over this sun burnt land of ours (cliches ahoy) promoting the hells out of her wonderful little PRIMPED LOOK BOOK which is pretty-pretty & you can catch a glimpse of it here:

Zoe can be found at David Jones, Perth City store, and in front of my star struck eyes on these dates:

Friday March 19, Hay Street, Perth at 6.30pm and 7.30pm
Perth Saturday March 20 at 10.30am

Please believe me when I say you would be very silly not to pop along to view this glorious Miss for yourself! I am lucky enough to have a seat, goody bag & glass of champers awaiting for me on arrival (but only because I booked!), however anyone can come watch and see what she has to say. HIGHLY. RECOMMENDED. !!!.

See you there!

Be well,


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