Spa Review: Pedicure at Serendipity Medi Spa, Riverton Forum.

My feet were feeling very neglected and my little toes were screaming for some attention from all those times strutting in high heels on uneven pavement in the city, gallivanting around Europe and dancing til 5am in the clubs.

Well it was time my feet deserved a treat. After all, I’ve been told many guys have a foot fetish… but that wasn’t the sole reason why I wanted to go for my very first pedicure. (or maybe it was) (no, it really wasn’t) (or was it?)

I wanted my feet to feel confident in a pair of open toed sandals for the next up-and-coming social calendar event!

The location of choice, Serendipity Medi Spa in Riverton Forum.

I stepped into the salon and to my surprise it was a beauty therapist friend of mine who was going to get intimate with my feet that night! I decided upon booking an evening session as there is one thing I dislike about communal pedicure places: the crowds.

At every opportunity when getting a beauty treatment, I enjoy the peaceful “me” time that comes with it. So to my delight, I was seated in a massaging chair with plenty of space all to myself.

While I was catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, my feet were soaking in the warm bubble bath and as I felt the tiny jets on my feet, I was in my happy place. The beauty therapist handed me a basket full of polish colours to choose from. I opted for a french manicure to suit any occasion.

I took my feet out of the water and they were gently massaged with a light exfoliating foot scrub. At this point I should note that the therapist is wearing gloves. Then she removed my old nail polish and trimmed each toe nail with a square edge. Rotating each foot back into the bubble bath when it wasn’t being pedicured. After some more buffing and gentle scrubbing, my pushed-back cuticles revealed toes that were painted on with precision and care.

Voila! After 45 mins of a Goddess experience, I had the perfect ready-to-party nails all set for an upcoming balmy cruise down the river!

Tip: If you can’t pick a colour, a french manicure is always a safe bet, but keep your eye out for the colours that are on trend at the moment which include pinks (instead of your usual vampy red) and taupes.

Zoe Foster Tip: After hearing her extensive knowledge on fashion, a tip is to bring your fave colour to the pedicure place so that when it chips, you can always fix it up at home yourself.

Rating: 4/5 Since my feet were long over-due for a pedicure, I was indeed fascinated by the whole process, and how I had never thought to have one earlier! The service here is without fault and the evening booking was ideal.

$60 will get you the basic pedicure.

Shop 20
Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre
Cnr. Willeri Drive & High Road
Riverton WA 6148

Ph: 08 9354 3370

Article by Kelly-Anne Wong, pedicure cherry popped.


  1. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Lovely. Show me your feet! I’ll mention here that Kelly sent me a message saying she felt a real sense of wellbeing after she’d had the pedicure.

    I’ve yet to have one as well but I definitely want to after hearing your good experience, I might try Serendipity or be brave and sail into some uncharted territory and hope I don’t end up with a few less toes…

    Glad to read about your positive experience xox

  2. daisy says:

    treatments with gloves? it feels very impersonal to me. but if for hygiene reasons tht is acceptable. treatments are very efficient but i sadly felt rushed out.

  3. Melody says:

    I recently had the worst pedicure ever at this establishment! The bubbles and massage chair were not even turned on. The whole thing was over in less than 30 mins. The beautician was rude. Give me the cheap Asian salon treatments any day! I wil never ever go back to serendipity!

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Oh Melody that’s a shame! I hope you sent them an email afterwards to let them know you were disappointed, that’s the only way anyone can improve is if they get feedback, the manager might not be aware that their staff are not following procedures properly.

    Good luck for your next pedi 🙂

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