WA VIP Card Launch = Extravagant Weekend!

Saturday night saw the launch of the WA VIP Card at The George in the CBD.

Wellness WA is working hand in hand with the card, we are in charge of getting all of the excellent beauty, health & wellbeing businesses on board the card so that they can provide a discount to our members! E-mail beauty@wavipcard.com.au for more information if you are interested! Also, mention Wellness WA if you purchase a card and it will help us all out!

So back to the night in question, with nothing to wear I had to run out and pick up a new dress (Cue!) and heels which set me back a bit. And then the make-up and hair, oh dear!

I picked up some Bloom nailpolish in 2 shades: Amber & Edie ($29.95 for two)


This is the one I chose for the evening, the Bloom polish has really stayed on my nails and I’m impressed with the consistency and look of it. There is also a BAJILLION colours to select from, so I do recommend you check em out in Myer!

Post-shopping I ventured over to my monthly massage @ Cove Spa to unwind but I had a dilemma… shonky eyebrows! This just wouldn’t do for the evening ahead so I asked / pleaded nicely and the girls accommodated me easily and I had a tidy up before the massage, which was lovely as usual. Yay!

Then it was time to sort out a wash & blow dry for my dirty, messy hair (charming, I know). I tried 3 places before actually getting in somewhere, Saturday afternoon is big for hair appointments – who knew?! Well, I probably should have!

I wasn’t 100% impressed with the service I received at the particular salon, the woman was very off with the fairies and didn’t seem to be paying that much attention to what she was doing. However it WAS late in the day, they were very busy and I was lucky to actually get an appointment… plus the result turned out okay so I dealt with it, but try not to get myself into a situation where I’d have to go there again!

After that it was time to nap & then get ready. The night was lovely and we drank champagne with strawberries and blueberries to up the “Wellness Factor” ;), watched Bob Evans rock out a little and had prom photos taken!

Today is porridge, watermelon & green tea for breakfast & a yoga class Tonight to help work out the weekends alcoholic sins.

How was your weekend?! Any beauty treats? I’d love to hear about it!

Be well,


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  1. Kelly says:

    I too, am feeling guilty for said alcoholic sins. This morning I woke up up and showered with my new KIT Cosmetics pomegranate shower gel followed by a fresh pear and strawberry juice made by me! I am now going to go juicer shopping and book in a styling session. xx

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