Alternative Review: Friday Night Stand Up @ Lazy Susans Comedy Den, The Brisbane, Highgate.

Laughing is good for your health. There is a veritable roll call of measurable benefits to be gained from having a giggle, such as…

♥ Reduction of stress hormones, increase in feel-good hormones like endorphins
♥ Physical & emotional release
♥ Workout for the heart & internal organs
♥ Distraction from problems
♥ Connection with others

With this in mind and on the hunt for something different to do on a Friday night with a friend, I stumbled across Friday Night Stand Up @ Lazy Susans Comedy Den, at The Brisbane.

I’d never been to The Brisbane before and found it to be a delightful and elegantly styled ‘pub’ / venue. The Comedy Den is located upstairs (you just have to traverse what must be the steepest staircase in all of Perth to reach it!)

We were seated in a really cute room reminiscent of Seinfeld, as I and other audience members noted and at 8.30pm the acts started. There were three comedians & a host (who was also, surprise surprise, a comedian!)

Here are my thoughts about the evening in general: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

It was the best night out I’ve had in ages, my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much. All of the comedians were fantastic and I would honestly recommend it to EVERYONE I know. The performers vary from week to week, some of them are Perth based and others are touring acts. All are designed to get you chortling, which they do!

I should note that there were plenty of swear words, politically incorrect jokes and references to sex, so if this offends, it’s probably best to give this comedy night a miss.

Friday Night Standup costs $18 (you can book at BOCS or tickets on the door if there are any left) and it went for a little over two hours. Well worth the money and I left with a huge smile and, I’m sure, plenty of endorphins racing around my body!

Lazy Susans Comedy Den runs comedy nights Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday! So you have no excuse not to get some humour & good health into your week!

I’m not sure who Lazy Susan actually is, but she’s 130% onto a winner.

Upstairs @ the Brisbane Hotel
Cnr Brisbane & Beaufort St
Highgate Perth, WA 6003


Tel: (08) 9328 2543

Be well,



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