Alternative Therapy Review: Virtual Reality Therapy, Vision Counselling, Applecross.

Virtual Reality Therapy (photo supplied by Vision Counselling)

Always up for something new in the quest for stress reduction and wellbeing, a few weeks ago I decided to take part in some Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT). It sounded pretty “space age” and my initial thoughts drifted to popping on some goggles and talking to a robot therapist who would then magically remove all stress from my life.

While only half of my dream bubble came true (I’ll have to find a robot therapist ELSEWHERE!), I was quite delighted by my VRT experience and will explain my findings to you below, cos that’s what I’m here for!

I chose the Stress Reduction VRT, they also have one to assist with quitting smoking.

♥ The therapist, Katie Larkin, explained the whole process thoroughly, I signed some forms to indicate I didn’t have any conditions that may make VRT inappropriate, for example, it is not recommended for severely claustrophobic individuals, although I have to note that I am slightly claustrophobic, however was completely fine during the session.

♥ Seated in a very comfy chair with my legs up and cushions to snuggle into, I put on the VR goggles & headphones. The video started and I was transported to a world where there are gardens, monks, flowing rivers, birds and a tale being narrated about all of the above…

♥ After a while, some hypnotic spirals start integrating into the visual track, after this it gets a little hazy but I’ll do my best to remember!

♥ I’m asked to imagine leaving my body, and am now without the constraints of time & distance (so says my narrator!), so I travel to Northern China to meet with the monks in their garden & monastery.

♥ Travelling across space & time was my favourite part of the whole experience, I was really in the moment and it just felt really ‘right’ and possible, as peculiar as that may sound. In my semi-hypnotised state, I spent some time with the monks reflecting, breathing and being.

♥ I don’t really remember the point where I had to come back to full consciousness, but I definitely didn’t want to go to work afterwards! I felt very calm, relaxed and like I could possibly go to sleep again right then and there!

Overall it was a very positive experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, however at $100 for an hour session it is expensive. That said it is a therapy generally used in conjunction with counseling to address issues on a conscious level as well as subconscious (VRT), so I would suggest it to be suitable for those who are struggling with issues such as stress management, depression & anxiety, or trying to break habits, such as smoking.

Alternatively, if you have money to spare & are keen to try different forms of relaxation then definitely give this a whirl! A course of 4-6 is recommended to see longer lasting benefits.

Therapist: Katie Larkin
Location: Vision Counselling

Vivacious Living Centre
Upper Floor
9 Riseley Square
Applecross WA 6153
Perth, Western Australia

Phone: 0424 298 005

Be well,



  1. Kieran says:

    Wow so informative! Makes me want to check this out definately! I am completely sold on going to china and not leaving the room!

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Kieran!

    Thank you for stopping by Wellness WA.

    I have to agree, it’s a lot cheaper than an airfare, less crowds and less chance of getting lost! 😉

  3. Shelley says:

    Wow, how different! Sounds very interesting, I’d be tempted to give it a try if I had some spare $$$. Welcome to the future!

  4. I’d love to give this a try, but don’t have the disposable income for it, and need no extra encouragement to feel like napping in the middle of the day, so perhaps it’s not going to happen.

  5. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Shelley: Welcome to the future indeed! Maybe we’ll have VR exercise soon? Although we are pretty much there with things like WII Fit!

    Conor: I feel you! At the moment this is the only clinic in W.A that has VR, if it takes off maybe the prices will drop a little bit 🙂

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