Exercise Review: Impromptu Exercise Date!

♥ Yoga Doggy! ♥

Today my friend and I had a Body Balance date all lined up and ready to go. When we arrived, the disinterested receptionists informed us that there was in fact no class due to it being Easter weekend, surely we need exercise more at this time than any other?! Alas, it was not to be.

But my friend is an inspirational little bunny and suggested we head over to the park and do our own workout, something that I probably wouldn’t have thought of.

So we went to a nearby oval and created our own yoga / body balance / light strength training workout for about 20-30 minutes and I have to say that the sun, pups, breeze, birds and grass, along with the light exercise, did me a world of good.

We could have easily gone home and given up, but we DIDN’T! It’s really inspired me to do spontaneous / proactive things like this more often and I hope that the next time you don’t get to your workout class for whatever reason, you consider making up your own – after all, you probably know most of the moves already! I promise you’ll love it 🙂

Be well,


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