Welcome to the week!

Good morning and welcome to the week! If you look out the window Today I’m sure you’ll notice the cool, grey clouds that are hovering over our lovely city.

The seasons are certainly changing and with it, I feel a definite shift in my mind and body. When Winter comes, our animal friends slow down and many go into hibernation. Mating is no longer the priority, as the change in season flicks a switch to tell them that now is the time to eat lots to get fat for Winter and prepare for a long snooze to preserve energy!

I think that these kind of changes occur within us as well, we are after all animals too – albeit clothed, with iPhones & french manicures, but at our core we are the same as our hibernating friends. When the seasons switch I always feel a sense of change and unrest in my body, maybe you do too.

I’ve found myself eating more lately and reflecting internally, I am getting ready to sleep for 3 months (if only)!

So I thought I’d start the week with that little idea to ponder.

In other news, I had a fabulous weekend & have a few pieces of info to share with you!

Blush Day Spa has completed the big move from Leederville to North Fremantle & can now be found at:

Address: 76/80 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle, Western Australia 6195
Phone: +61 (08) 9335 5600

♥ The 3 Months to Glow thread is one of my all-time favourite Vogue Forum discussions. I check it out when I’m wanting some inspiration for glowy skin, which is pretty much always!

♥ WELLNESS WA COMPETITION! We’ve had an amazing response so far, but it’s still running til the end of April, so get your entries in and you could be the chuffed owner of a $100 Ella Express Voucher! There is 3 to win so hop to it 🙂

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  1. So true, Annette! The change in seasons often makes me a little sick, or at least feel unsettled for a while. Although I am lamenting the loss of summer, there is something quite comforting about impending cold and rain (well, comforting when you imagine yourself inside and under a doona, not riding your bike through it).

    Mating is no longer a priority? Oh dear.

  2. amanda says:

    thanks for the link, that thread is fantastic- really motivating me to get off my butt & do something about my skin.
    i have a few acne scars, do you know of anything i can do to help those?

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Conor I lovvvve being inside when it’s raining, outside… less so! You are brave to ride bicycles in the rain! I thought I wouldn’t be the only one who felt something swirling around inside them when the seasons move.

    Lol @ the mating comment.

    Amanda hi! I’m glad you liked the link, it is pretty great isn’t it?! I have some light acne scars also, Omnilux is meant to be helpful as well as using Rose Hip Oil. Have you tried that?

    The latter is certainly cheaper than the former as well. I’ll be trying omnilux soon so I’ll let you know how that goes 🙂

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