Product Review: Endota Lavender + Alpine Pepper Hand Cream.

There’s been something in the air where I work lately, it’s got everyone talking, sniffing and asking – what IS that smell?!

It’s my Endota Lavender & Alpine Pepper Hand Cream and I need to stop being so generous, because this baby is running out.

The Endota brand is making a name for itself in a big way over in the Eastern States as a chain of environmentally conscious spas that use certified organic, 100% natural products to keep our bodies looking beautiful in a safe manner.

Unfortunately for us West-siders, they haven’t yet made the trek over the great plain, but rest assured I’ll be e-mailing them to enquire “WHEN?!@#!@” as we can never have too many options for pampering, especially when it’s kind on the environment and our bodies!

So back to the hand cream:

♥ It smells phenomenal
♥ Luxurious to apply
♥ Absorbs quickly
♥ Will get you compliments galore as you glide around the office leaving a trail of olfactory delight

Endota Lavender + Alpine Pepper Hand Cream is my current favourite. All possibility of me sharing has gone, I’M SORRY FRIENDS.

Try this hand cream and you too can become obsessive & selfish, but at least you’ll have the finest hands in town.

Love it.

RRP $34 for 90ml. Available online and at David Jones stores.

Be well,




  1. April rose says:


    I got this hand cream in my pack when i saw Zoe at the Primped Look Book, i too recieved a tonne of compliments in my office! so many that the girls used all the cream that i sat on my desk 🙁
    On the plus side, this brand is now available in David Jones in the city…. im not 100% sure if the hand cream is thouhg? must check it out this weekend!

  2. April rose says:

    I now seem like a stalker now but i just realised thay my blog link wasnt up to date! any whoo it is now. Drop by sometime!

  3. ponikuta says:

    Yes, I totes agree with you A, this is my work hand cream and even the guys has noticed the scent of this. Love how it doesn’t becomes sticky/greasy after application

    V x

  4. Kelly says:

    I’ve gotta be honest here; I have a slight distaste to the smell! It might just be me, but this particular organic smell doesn’t appeal to me, which is a great conundrum because while it might be better for us and the environment, I would choose another hand cream over this one, namely HissyFit’s Orange Mint ‘Handy Work’ hand cream. (article to come)

    Are the people in the office asking what that smell is; because the smell is bad? Ha ha!

    Other than that, I’ve tried it too and the actual prod itself does wonders to the hands.

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