Product Review: Hissyfit Range!

I’m in a fit of excitement, a ‘Hissyfit‘ of excitement, over this range of sunscreen prods that are all Australian made, perfectly matched for beach bums like myself, but the great thing is, it doesn’t just work for the Summer months, it’s suitable during all seasons for dry skin too.

Ever wondered how to think AND look the part of a beach babe? The answer is Hissyfit’s ‘Saving Face’ tinted moisturiser. It comes in 6 different colours to match most skin tones, so it works as a foundation and sunscreen for your face. It is, as reviews have said, the ‘holy grail’ of make-up. It’s not just 15+ ladies, we’re talking 30+. It gives me the bronzed look and doesn’t look over-done. It feels great and doesn’t leave grease on my face.

Like many girls, I keep a hand cream in my bag for all those times I get dry, flaky skin on my hands. It’s “handy” for when I’m sitting on the beach towel ready to get my le tan on, or “handy” when I’m in the office. In fact, I can use it anytime, anywhere. With Hissyfit’s hand cream; appropriately named ‘Handy Work’ (not that I was hinting) it’s a cream and sunscreen in one and has the scent of orange mint. My paws feel soft and smell like orange tic tacs smooshed into a mint chocolate.

They also have something to soothe those aching sun-kissed/winter-y lips. ‘Lip Service’ contains shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e, and I’m currently infatuated with the ‘clear’ shade; naturally gorgeous and plump lips. It also comes in 4 other adorable colours, berry, guava, plum & toffee, all yummy sounding and completely kissable by your dreamboat of choice.

Next up is the ‘Body Double’ bod moisturiser and sunscreen that I’m personally yet to try. Well, I’ve always wanted a body double doppleganger for those open-eyed sleeping boardroom meetings; but in this case, I think the guys at Hissyfit have solved my problem in another sense. This lotion in a bottle gives an extra layer of protection from the sun while hydrating the skin. And since alot of us are time-poor these days it makes sense to just slap on one lotion instead of applying two. The fragrance of vanilla, almond, orange & grapefruit sounds like it’ll turn you into scrumptious (cutie) pie.

You should know by know you’re a goddess” (their motto) didn’t lure me to want to try these products, well flattery gets you everywhere really. But it’s not just flattery and packaging that had me at hello, it was the exceptionally high quality of the products that ‘Hissyfit’ have to offer, as I’ve found out!

Love it. My current favourite brand! x

Guest post by Kelly-Anne, self-confessed Hissyfit addict

Be well,



  1. Holly Curtis says:

    I LOVE the Lip Service lip balm and recently raved about it myself. I only have a GWP size of the Saving Face – mine feels a bit ‘grainy’? As though there are little ‘bits’ in it? Do you think it might just be the one I received or is this how you think it is designed?

  2. Kelly says:

    I know, I’m picky with my lip balms too hehe! I did notice in particular the ‘saving face’ being quite a thick lotion than your normal sunscreen but I didn’t get the ‘grainy-ness’ of it? Hmm that’s a mystery… I will take note if it changes with my next purchase of the stuff 🙂

  3. Imogen says:

    Great review! Where do I find the products in Perth? Is it best to obtain them on the internet?

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Imogen!

    You can buy them at the city David Jones if that’s convenient for you, or online is your next best bet! 🙂

  5. Nikki says:

    I’m excited to try these products, thanks for the great review. After looking online tho, they seem a bit expensive!

  6. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Check them out in David Jones in the city! I think it is more of a ‘luxury’ product, they are very good quality 🙂 Maybe if you e-mail them they could send you some samples to try? I don’t know though – hehe! xx

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