Salon Review: Eyebrow and Underarm Wax, Luxe Aveda Concept Salon, Booragoon.

Look, I know we’ve been banging on about the Luxe Aveda Concept Salon, Booragoon like our lives depend on it, but when you’re onto a good thing… can’t help but share the love, y’know?!

I decided to tame my scruffy brows last week as they were getting very upset with me and threatening to call Eyebrow Protective Services. My underarms were in a similarly dismal state as I’ve been growing them out in order to be able to wax ’em. Hate shaving. Love having smooth underarms for weeks on end.

A friendly phone convo later and I was booked in for that night. Upon arrival I was given an Aveda Comforting Tea, a warm, sweet licorice beverage, and told I’d either love it or hate it due to its strong taste! The jury is still out on this one, while I didn’t hate it, I’m not a big licorice fan.

The tea in question!

Once in the treatment room, which was pleasantly lit (not too bright, not too dark), my amiable therapist asked me how I wanted my brows (just a tidy up, thanks!) and got to work.

This salon uses hot wax for both the eyebrows & the underarms, which is a personal absolute must, my sensitive skin threatens to disown me if strip wax / a wax roller comes within 50 metres.

I’ve previously had my eyebrows burned at many salons and I have to confess I was initially a little worried, as she left the wax on my brows a considerable time longer than is usually appropriate for aforementioned sensitive skin. Not to worry however, the wax they are using must be very gentle as there was no post-wax trauma. Yay!

Plucking to remove any missed hairs is always appreciated and I was pleased with the attention to detail.

A bit of tinted moisturiser was applied to counter any mild redness, always a winner since no-one wants to walk around with their “Hay guys, whats up?! Just been waxed lol!” bare face on show to the world.

To the underarms we go! This was painful as I’d been shaving for a while between waxes, an absolute no-no if you want to minimise teeth gritting & cursing. That said though, I am a wholehearted advocate of underarm waxing. Do it, it will change your life!

My therapist was knowledgeable and answered many questions I had about Aveda products & gave me advice for the pesky beginnings of an ingrown hair that was casually hanging out under my arm (all fixed now thanks to her exfoliation suggestions).

After all this, I was given a scalp, shoulder, back & mini arm aromatherapy massage… I believe this is complimentary with all treatments. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Does your salon offer this type of freebie? If not you should seriously reconsider your loyalty as it ended my experience on a high-note and all I did was get some pretty standard waxing.

Aveda Blue Balancing Oil was inhaled during the mini-massage

When it came time to leave, I had an embarrassing incident where I realised I’d lost my ATM card & had no way of paying. The staff handled it with ease, looking after my purse as I ran to my car to search for it and happily taking a credit card payment over the phone (THANKS MUM) when that search proved fruitless.

I was also given a $20 voucher to use on my next treatment valued over $70 within the next 6-weeks, as a part of signing up as a new customer.

I really enjoyed my time here and my eyebrows & underarms are at peace with me once more.

Aveda products are available for purchase in-store, or online at StrawberryNET!

Be well,




  1. Heather says:

    Wow brilliant review! I am not a waxing girl as I just can’t justify the pain, but you make me want to get waxed! If it means I get to sip on some tea, inhale yummy smells AND get massaged, then I’m there! No pain no gain right? 😉

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Come now Heather! That’s a review all in itself, virgin waxer loses her innocence in a flurry of hot wax and tears. Not really!!

    It’s super easy baby, you need to read my articles on how to get a great wax at a salon!


  3. Free massage? Score!

    I can understand the underarm waxing love, but I’m a complete underarm IPL convert. It is amazing! A few sessions and there’s hardly anything left there, and only $65 a session it’s gonna save me money in the long term for sure! Didn’t get any free massages though 🙁

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    IPL is next on my list Conor! 🙂

    Where did you have yours done if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Erazer in Claremont. Have had great experience there. Friends had reported IPL to be super painful, but I find it very bearable. At Erazer they make sure to chill the area really well first, which makes a huge difference, and I’ve heard a lot of other places don’t bother with this.

    Also, forgot to say that wax-face is the worst!

  6. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Okay, definitely going to check them out. Apparently they have an offer on their website at the moment where you get 4 underarm permanent hair removal treatments for $200!!! BARGAIN!

  7. Alix says:

    Any recommendations now Luxa Aveda no longer does waxing? I am devastated as I have loved them for years!

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