Store Review: Angry Almond, Nedlands.

This almond does indeed look pretty angry…

I first discovered Angry Almond after I was referred there by a lady who has been living in Dalkeith for 60 years. You can’t get much more local than that, so I figured I should take her advice. She warned me that once I go there I would become addicted, and right she was.

The first time I walked into the store I was overwhelmed by the big buckets containing all sorts of wonderful grains, pulses, lentils, beans, quinoa, sugars, tea and anything else you can think of! You will also discover many tubs of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolates, lollies, sesame bars, sweet potato chips, Turkish delight – you name it, they have it!

I must mention that the prices are fantastic and let’s just say I had a Turkish delight addiction for a while there…

Sweet, sweet turkish delight

There is a fridge in store that sells biodynamic milk products, tempeh, tofu and cheese, among other things. There is also a great selection of organic, fair-trade coffee beans on offer. I am personally a tea-drinker (ahem, guzzler), so I am much more interested in the bulk supply of loose-leaf green tea, oolong tea and chamomile tea, just to name a few.

There is a spice rack, Asian food section, Italian food, and a large variety of pastas…I could go on! One of my personal favourites is the section with various health-food items, such as agave, coconut oil, puffed rice, and non-dairy milks.

The Angry Almond team provides an incredible service, and this is reflected in the number of people who come buzzing through the doors to browse the exotic foods on offer or simply to pick up their regular groceries.

There is something quite satisfying about scooping up all the delicious food you want, minus the usual packaging and commercial distractions. It’s simpler. At the counter there is a plate of different products to taste-test, and if you spend over a certain amount you receive a very cool Angry Almond calico bag!

Being a uni student, there has been the odd occasion where I have gotten to the checkout only to realise that I didn’t quite have enough money to pay for everything. When I try to put items back, the lady simply insists that I take everything I wanted and pay her next time I come in! The trust I get from the owners for being a regular makes me feel valued as a customer and I really appreciate it, coming from a country town I soon realised that you don’t often get that personal touch at stores in Perth.

Healthy (ish!) Brownies!

Oh, and did I mention the prices are good? Every time I get to the checkout I am pleasantly surprised at how little the price is, and when I shop there I buy in bulk! I have been frequenting this store for three years now and I am still discovering products that inhabit this wonderful little space, so I urge you to explore Nedlands’ little secret for yourself and see what you can find! Oh, and do try the gluten-free brownies at the counter – they are divine!

Eds Note: You can also shop online for produce from Angry Almond! Check their website below, and browse their healthy morsels to your hearts content AND they will deliver to anywhere in W.A for only $3.50?! How cheap is that!

Angry Almond

71 Princess, Nedlands W.A. 6009
Ph: 93897950

Article by Heather, stealth about health. Check out her blog!


  1. Love this place! Impossible to leave without at least a bagful of things, including multiple items you didn’t go in there to get but found yourself scooping anyway.

    Something I really like about Angry Almond is how nice and clean it is. Last time I got my usual bag of breakfast supplies from Kakulas it had bugs inside, so as much as I like the place I’m a bit turned off. I know I need to up my breakfast protein, but that’s taking it a bit far.

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Thanks for your input Conor!

    I really have to check this place out now, though it is nowhere near where I live!

    Extra breakfast protein is pretty good, however in this case not so much! EEK, yuck!

  3. Heather says:

    Yep I always, without fail, leave carrying bags of things that I didn’t intend to buy!
    The worst is when I’m given free chocolates…I end up going back to buy a whole bag because they’re so yum!

    I would be very unimpressed if I brought bugs home with my oats! Its never happened at Angry Almond 😀

  4. June says:

    Oh I must visit this place, I have a friend whose mother buys ingreidents from this shop to make muesli, which he swears is the best!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I had an awful experience there. I had bought some Sushi rice and when I got it home, I noticed it had bugs in it. No biggie, the shop has open grains, so its bound to happen.

    About I week later I went back in to tell the lady there and I could point out that the sushi rice still contained live bugs. The woman was a monster!!! She told me that everything there had bugs in it and all produce must be refrigerated to prevent these bugs from hatching.

    I was absolutely bewildered as I’ve never kept any grains in the fridge, nor do I know of anyone that does. She was so nasty – she kept saying “You just don’t get it do you??”. To that I said “No I don’t and I have 3 university degress, so please try to explain it again”. She threw her hands in the air, rolled her eyes and walked away. I actually cried, and another shopper left because she heard the conversation.

    Nasty horrible service – can’t recommend to anyone.

  6. marilyn says:

    my daughter told me about your shop and is a regular as her children attend school in the area,i tried to visit but found you closed over the festive season.Love the look of your product so will return in the new year.I would love to receive newsletters and updates if you do that.My daughter loves your shop and enjoys the experience and the helpful advice from staff.Good luck,see you all soon.


  7. Janet says:

    I agree with Rebecca – I will not recommend this store to anyone!
    Terrible service, poor quality ingredients and worst of all you feel the Big Brother is watching… Everytime I have been to one of their stores, there is a guy watching over you as you pick your selection. I like to shop in comfort and relaxed atmosphere.

    So a big NO.

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