Day Spa Review: Full Body Massage – Revive Day Spa, Mount Hawthorn.

Revive Day Spa, Mt Hawthorn

After visiting Thailand a year ago, I have recently become nostalgic for the hour-long-full-body-massage. Bearing in mind that these are around 20 times the price here in Perth, I browsed various internet sites for the best value I could find and ended up at Revive Day Spa, Mount Hawthorn early on a Saturday morning.

Upon entering I was ushered into a comfortable, dimly lit lounge area where I filled out a personal information sheet regarding any medical conditions and the like. I was then greeted by the massage therapist, taken to change into a dressing gown and slippers and taken into the massage room.

Covered by a towel I lay on a comfortable table surrounded by candles in a dark room. I noticed it was warmer here than at other day spas, where I was covered in goose bumps. The music was a sort of generic Chillout Mix with some questionable remixes; however it was a change from the usual ‘Sounds of the Jungle’ that day spas tend to play. The therapist started with a decolletage and scalp massage; then worked her way down my right arm, leg, foot and back up the left side.

As she concentrated on particular pressure points and muscle attachments, I could tell there was a background of thorough training in massage therapy. I was then told to lie on my stomach and was asked if there were any particular areas of my back to be focussed on – to which I replied ‘all areas’. This ended pleasantly with a hot towel placed on my back to remove the massage oil.

When the massage sadly came to an end I was asked to dress and escorted back to the lounge, where I was provided with herbal tea and a fruit salad. I was pleased to be given time to recover, as by this stage I was feeling extremely groggy yet very relaxed. The therapist saw me out and in my half-asleep state I tried to show my gratitude for what was a really enjoyable experience.

Revive Day Spa
have two locations:

Shop 2 416-418 Oxford St Mount Hawthorn

Ph: (08 9201 0971)


295 Albany Highway Victoria Park
Ph: (08 9355 1199)

They provide a range of services from facial and skin treatments to nail care; as well as tanning, waxing, hydrotherapy and of course massage.

At $95 for an hour long massage they are reasonably priced in comparison to other massage services, and offer many spa/beauty packages that are great gift ideas. Their full range of products and services is available at

Review by Catherine; a young medical professional who knows the importance of massage, be it in Thailand or Mt Hawthorn!


  1. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Lovely review Katy, I adore the fresh fruit & herbal tea combo that sometimes makes it way to you post-massage and not being pressured into leaving is another well-loved facet of a good day spa.

    I might try the Victoria Park one as it’s a bit closer to me and see how I go!


  2. I really like this place, and my sister and I sometimes treat ourselves to a big fancy multiple hour treat when we she is in Perth and our bank balances are looking healthy (way not often enough!). Big fan of the fruit/tea relaxation afterwards, I’m always so dopey after a good massage.

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Another tick for Revive. I’ve never been to a day spa with a friend / relative at the same time… I’m not sure if it’d be as relaxing as I kinda like to zone out and not have to talk to anyone for a few hours. Could be a good experiment though 😀

    I love the dopey feeling.

  4. Cherie says:

    Thanks for the review Catherine! Do you know anything about their facials? (: ta!

  5. Kitty says:

    Revive day spa was a lovely Atmosphere and very relaxing, I made another blog a few days ago about this place, I haven’t visited the other shop but the mount hawthorn spa was lovely and I did feel very pampered, my skin felt amazing after treatments the following day, the only down side was I felt a little rushed and the Irish girl in there stunk of stale alcohol, this aside I think 9/10


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