Pre-Weekend Procrastination!

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Roll up, roll up (they were pretty tasty snacks yes? albeit terrible for young teeth!) welcome to my array of interesting beauty & health related links that I have dutifully collected over the past week so that I can share them with you, my loving reader, just in time for the countdown to the weekend!

Beauty Q&A with Annette of Wellness WA – that would be me 😉

OPI’s revolutionary iPhone application! – ever wondered what a particular shade would look like on your nails, but found those plastic nail doo-dads in the beauty section too difficult? ME TOO. With this iPhone application, while it doesn’t use a picture of your actual hand, you can adjust the skin tone and nail of the image & test out every single OPI colour to determine whether or not it’s what you’re looking for, before forking out for it!!! How great is that?! A: Prettydamngreat.

Iz you a salon playa? – musings on the pros & cons of being non-monogamous with your salon.

Healthy Tipping Point– okay, I love this blog. An American 25 year old documents her marathon bike riding adventures & vegetarian cooking. Very inspiring stuff.

Be Genki May Ritual – Be Genki is a wonderful product company / website / blog / inspiration station & this ‘May Ritual’ has some great advice, make sure you check this one.

Warm Sunny Salad – our friend Heather puts together a visually magnificent salad to nourish you & your tastebuds.

Additive Free Kids Parties! – psychotic children no more, calm them down without compromising on taste with this handy cookbook by two local mums.

Blush Day Spa Facebook Page – these guys have been known to give away free treatments and incredible specials on Facebook at random times during the week!! Last week they were offering free massages to the first few commenters!

White Bean Bruschetta – can’t wait to make this yummy variation on a definite favourite.

How much to spend on keeping up appearances? – an interesting look at how much & why we spend on looking good for our careers.

It’s a wrap! Have wonderful Friday’s everyone 🙂

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you lovely Annette for including my latest blog post in your links! I do hope someonw out there tries it, it really is delish! 🙂 I will be reading these other sites instead of exam study hehe x

  2. Heather says:

    Oh my I am looking at the breakfast recipes on Healthy Tipping Point and she clearly has a sweet tooth just like me! That is my kind of food! I am already planning to try some of them out very soon hehe.

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    That’s not a problem Heather, it’s a privilege to include your yummy recipes here! 🙂

    Healthy Tipping Point is fab, and she updates so much! I always have lots to catch up on when I go there.

    Want to make me breakfast sometime?! (not a pick up line)

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