The Natural News, Public Lecture by Heath Daly.

Heath Daly & Emma Gilbert

On Sunday I attended a public lecture (Cost: $15) held at La Tropicana cafe in Fremantle, it’s a lovely setting for a talk and holds a mish-mash of chairs, cushions & health interested folk.

Heath Daly, our charismatic host, runs The Raw Kitchen Cafe & Smoothie Shop in the Freo markets, as well as being a practicing naturopath, homeopath & former lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Medicine! We’re in good hands here.

As is the case when you stumble upon someone with a profound passion for something, I found myself effortlessly absorbing everything Heath had to say as he passed on his knowledge during our captivating and inspiring, yet never evangelical, hour and a half lecture.

These were the topics covered:

– The mineral deficiency causing a major public health concern in Australia (Iodine!)
– Raw seaweed and why it’s the number 1 supplement for the modern age
– The single best way to increase energy (and it isn’t a supplement or exercise!) (Sleep 10 hours a night, go with your circadian rhythms ie. wake up before the sun, sleep before midnight)
– The best immune booster known to science (Vitamin D / sunshine!)
– The power of groups – Introducing the Detox Train (This will be covered more in the next lecture)

The other big tip he gave us was to drink 2 glasses of water ever morning upon waking to clear out toxins & refresh the brain. I did that this morning and I have to say I do feel more ‘alert’ than usual, but of course I’ll do it for a few days to see if I really notice a difference 🙂

I seriously enjoyed Heath’s lecture and so did the other 30 or so attendees from what I could tell!

There will be many future lectures & I’ll definitely be there. If you are interested please contact for more info & upcoming session dates 🙂

Be well,




  1. Kelly says:


    Sleep is very precious to me, I hate feeling tired. I will try the two glasses of water trick too, they also say to put a slice of lemon in the water 🙂

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    I had 10 hours last night and woke up feeling so good this morning! Really balanced, calm and happy 🙂

    We have a lemon tree so I’ll lemon it up too! Just be careful of ze teeth, as the lemon can strip the enamel. xo

  3. Thinkfeldie says:

    Speaking of sleep, here’s one of my favourite articles on why sleep is important for a whole bunch of things, and how to normalize your sleep patterns

    Also, a colleague of mine adapted the Feldenkrais method and yogic practices to create something called ‘Sleeping Sominars’. These are designed to help people get a better nights rest. He talks about the how and why of sleep as well on his site


  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Awesome! Thanks Feldie, I am checking out those links now…. lovvvvvvve to sleep, hehe!

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