Permanent Hair Removal Experience: Follow Up!

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Since my last experience with SPL hair removal, a lot has happened.

I’ve marveled in delight as the hairs seemingly continued to grow, however with daily exfoliation they slowly but surely all popped out and left me with smooth skin. It took quite a white for any semblance of hairs to grow back after this. Keeping in mind that all the hairs are at different growth stages so the areas I had done (upper leg, tummy & bikini) have never yet been a completely ‘smooth canvas’, it’s still been very promising!

My second SPL experience at Hairfree Booragoon was surprisingly a little more painful than the first.

The results after this second treatment have been fantastic, despite the tiny increase in pain. The hairs have really been minimised and it’s really FUN when the hairs start falling out, it feels like an accomplishment!

I think that after 4 treatments the majority of my treated areas will indeed be hair free and I’m looking forward to getting my kit off at the beach and swimming pools this Summer without having to worry about whether I have to shave / wax to feel good about myself in a bikini.

A word of warning though: THIS TREATMENT IS ADDICTIVE!

I’m already planning to get my underarms and the rest of my legs done, it’s totally streamlining my life. I’ve never been the type of girl who can be bothered shaving her legs religiously, it just takes so much darn time, leaning over in the shower, nicks and cuts, missed bits… waxing solved the problem for a while, but it’s expensive and hurts a lot!

Being able to get on with my life without this little extra hassle is totally liberating. Can you tell I’m a fan?!

If you’re keen as well you can head to Hairfree Booragoon and mention Wellness WA for 50% off your first treatment. The offer is only valid until the end of September though so if you’re keen, best to get in while you can.

Hairfree Centre Booragoon

7/135 Riseley St
Booragoon WA 6154

(08) 9316 8402


Have you ever had IPL / SPL / Laser?

Did you love it? Hate it?

Has the beach been smiling at you with a twinkle in it’s eye, giving you a knowing nod as you strut your stuff on the sand?

Be well (my loves!),




  1. Shelley says:

    Awesome, I’ve always been curious to try this!

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Me too, you should definitely try it. I’d been wanting to do it for YEARS. I have only had one tiny ingrown since starting it and that has been a big problem for me in the past, and one of the main reasons I decided to get it done.

    That in itself has won me over!

  3. N says:

    I read your article and went to try it out today. Since they do a great deal on underarm and Brazilian, I went for that, and YOW! It hurts! I would liken it to being jabbed by a row of needles. However, since the whole session lasts for 5 minutes of less, and it’s only done once every 6 weeks, the pain should be tolerable. I think the pain was much worse for me because I have thick, dark hair, and I’ve just realized that I’m a few days away from my period, which some people say can make the pain worse. I was nervous as I’ve heard of people getting badly burned with this, but I was only left with a tingling, minty sensation afterwards. I hope my results are as good as yours!

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi N!

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment about your experience. It also depends as mentioned on how dark your skin tone is.

    Definitely recommend going the week-two after your period as well, that can make a big difference.

    Maybe if you are not opposed to it you can take a pain killer before you go if you find it unbearable?

    I had my third session yesterday and while it does sting a bit at times on different areas, all up I find it much more easy to deal with than waxing!

    Did you have Marisa or Erin do your treatment? 🙂


  5. N says:

    Hi Annette,

    Yes, I’ll definitely have the next treatment after my period, along with a good dose of painkillers, and see how that works out.

    I definitely agree that this is more worthwhile than waxing, especially since waxing takes a long time, and there are so many restrictions, such as not being able to shave before a wax. Also, to achieve the same results with waxing would cost me much more time and money.

    Erin did my treatment, and she was extremely professional and understanding. I’m sure my yelping and jumping about didn’t make her job easier, but she was very kind about it, and even said that she has the same problem when she does her treatments.

    As for my results so far, I haven’t noticed any hair falling out yet, but my underarm hair has barely grown back, and I haven’t had to shave since the treatment.

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