Weekly Wellness Winks.

Nom nom!

Mondays can be tricky, so we’re here to help you rev up with a basket full of inspiring links and ideas to get you going!

Everyday Tips to Help Yourself De-Stress from BeGenki.

Feed Your Brain! – by Bridget Janes Health Diary, I loved this article so you should check it out!

Brocolli & Pine Nut Soup – a recipe that a friend of mine made and said was particularly DELICIOUS (and green)!

Spring Clean your Diet – Spring has sprung, if you need a helping hand with a tune-up, this article has you covered.

Easy DIY Detox Yoga Sequence – nuff said, do this!

Your mouth says chocolate, but what you really want is…

Bad Habit Breakers – learn how to help break naughty habits!

Bikram Yoga, the Good, the Bad & the Sweaty – over at PRIMPED.

Exercise Review: Bikram Yoga Perth – and while you’re at it check out our very own Bikram article if you haven’t already!

Hope you have some greatness planned for your week, right now I’m using a clay mask to exorcise the weekends sins from my skin and tonight I’m hitting up a yoga class & cooking up a mega vegetable feast!

Be well,




  1. BridgetJane says:

    Hi Annette!

    I am honoured to be mentioned on your blog!

    Thank you so much and I am delighted you enjoyed the article! 🙂


  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    No problem Bridget, glad you liked the mention! xox

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