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Milky Foot

After a long winter of hibernating beneath boots and tights, my feet were looking a little rough and neglected. Not being the kind of girl to shell out $80 on a pedicure, I was eager to try ‘Milky Foot’. This product claims to create milky smooth feet without any scrubbing or exfoliating, with just one application. It sounded too good to be true!

After washing my feet I cut open the two packages and slipped my feet into the gel-filled plastic pouches, putting socks on over the top. There was quite a strong chemical smell to the gel, similar to hair bleach, which made me worry a little as to whether this would burn. However after my 60-90 minutes of foot-soaking I was relieved to see I still had all ten toes. I took off the plastic pouches, rinsed my feet and hands and commenced the waiting game.

‘Milky Foot’ claims to begin working in about 5-10 days, and after 5 days I noticed skin beginning to peel from the areas of hard skin. It was pretty unpleasant to look at, and I endured around 5 more days of skin slipping from the soles of my feet. After the peeling subsided I was left with the results promised, and now have heels as soft as a baby’s behind.

Applying ‘Milky Foot’ was very easy, and I liked the fact that there was no hard work involved. If you can live with peeling feet for around a week, I would recommend ‘Milky Foot’ as an effortless alternative to home or salon pedicures.

It retails in selected pharmacies for $29.95 (small) or $34.95 (large).

Or can be purchased online here: Buy Milky Foot!

Review by Katy Lock

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  1. Holly Curtis says:

    I’ve tried Milky Feet too! It is such a weird feeling to have your feet in the squishy pouches.. and yes like you I was a bit worried about the strong smell.. thinking that I would be left with no skin etc! My peeling turned out to be not that extreme.. just some flaking, not the shards of skin I imagined. Definitely great as a pre- DIY pedi treatment.

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hey Holly,

    Thanks for letting us know your experience too, I remember reading your article now!

    Feel free to link to it here if you like xx

  3. I’m torn between wanting nice soft smooth baby feet, and wanting to build up my summer soles as I like to get around shoeless when possible and baby soft feet can’t handle much by way of rocks! Priorities, priorities…

  4. Maybe you can go around shoeless all Summer, then when Summer comes to it’s end… strip all that hard skin away with this baby!

  5. Liv B says:

    I’m gonna keep an eye out for this tonight. I definitely do not like my heels, if this works, I’ll be a convert for life! 🙂

  6. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Oooo Liv, you have to let me know if you end up trying it! 😀

  7. Liv B says:

    @Annette – I bought it! I put it on last night… We’ll see how I go. I’ll keep you posted though

  8. Liv B says:

    So I tried out the Milky Foot, about a day after my last post. My feet are almost finished peeling. They look great, but honestly, for the hassle? I don’t think it’s worth it. I’ve had to wear closed in shoes for the last week or so because my feet look awful. I’d rather get a pedicure and have it all done in one hit.

  9. Jill Gude says:

    I used Milky Foot 10 days ago. What a disapointment. There has been a 5 cent size spot that peeled on one side of one toe. I just have hot dry feet. That was $30. well spent! NOT.

  10. John says:

    I am sorry to say that I am not satisfied with the product. I bought it at an expensive price and thought this will work but it just did not do it. Unfortunately it did take of some skin around my toes but it is not the area where it was needed.
    In short a waste of money.

  11. Casey says:

    I read all the reviews prior to trying this product, I had really bad feet from years of running, nothing was working. I was spending a fortune on pedicures. I am so excited to write this review it is day 9 winch I used the product and I have nice smooth feet. My feet have not looked like this for years. The peeling was not as bad as other reviews indicated, I have still been able to wear thongs during the last week as the peeling process took place. I’m off to buy more ready to use in 2 months. Love love love this product I’m telling all my friends about it!

  12. jess says:

    this product is amazing i had the hardest skin on my feet and within 10 days it started to peel now i have baby soft feet better than a pedicure the product delivers

  13. Julie says:

    I bought this product and was so looking forward to having baby soft feet.
    We have had a long summer where my feet have been exposed and they looked ‘well used’. However, after using the product I have had absolutely no results.
    Still the same ol’ feet but now $25 poorer 🙁

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