Pre-Christmas Wellness Links!

If you’re anything like my housemate and I, you’ve been singing ridiculous Christmas songs about sleighs, Winter wonderlands, hanging out by the fire & snowmen for days now.

Unfortunately this translates pretty terribly to our current climate (gonna be 34 today, sunny and humid) BLEH!

In light of that I’ve been busting out some Rolf Harris – Six White Boomers with equally alarming regularity.

“six white boomers
snow white boomers
racing santa claus through the blazing sun
six white boomers
snow white boomers
on his Australian run”

But I digress! Merry Christmas everyone, thank you for making this year absolutely amazing, we couldn’t have done it without you.

In 2011 we’re going to continue testing out exercise classes, day spas, beauty products, wellbeing tips, hairdressers and anything else you can think of that’s going to make you look and feel great in Perth.

As well as bringing a whole lot of new competitions and ways to get involved!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey, and would like to present to you the final Wellness Links of the year! x

Recent Posts

Product Review: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – if your skin is in the mood to drink up some apricots, this is the prod for you.

Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Sheridan Crofts, The One Thing Music Quiz – check out how Perth’s fav music quiz hostess takes care of her lovely face!

Hairdresser Review: Peggy Sues @ Last Chance Studio, Northbridge – fab review by April Rose.

The Amazing Epic Salad of Goodness / Life – nuff said. You must try this.

Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Emma Gilbert, The Raw Kitchen – a completely inspiring look at a raw foodists way of life. Everyone could learn something from Em.

Day Spa Review: Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment at Bodhi J, Wembley – absolute bliss.

Would you like shaving cuts with that? – I talk about one shaving device that makes me very unhappy, and another one that does the opposite.

Product Review: Ella Bache Everyday Zinc 30+ Protection – a new physical sunscreen that can help stave away sunburn this Summer.

Personal Training in Perth: A Diary, Part Two – find out the benefits I’ve noticed so far, including firmer bottom (hee) and thighs. Loving it.

Fresh Linkity Links ♥

Move. Your brain will love you for it. – an article on the benefits of exercise to your brainy!

Give yourself the gift of self worth, self love & self gratification this holiday season – enough said 🙂

Yoga Facials!!!

Yoga for Panic Attacks – could be helpful around this time of the year!

How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality – perfect fodder for New Years Reso’s!

Make time for yourself to switch off and relax this silly season – very important!

Healthy Skin Comes from Within – we should all know this by now! If not, check it out.

Merry Chrissy again to y’all 🙂

Big kisses from everyone at Wellness WA!

Be well,


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