Product Review: Ella Bache Everyday Zinc 30+ Protection.

Everyday Zinc 30+ 50ml rrp $49

I recently met a woman who was in her early 40s, who had the skin of a 25 year old – smooth complexion without a freckle or hardly a wrinkle on her. The woman, who lives in England, surprised me when she told me her secret.

I never go in the sun, and when I do I use a 30+ sunscreen” she said.

Feeling slightly cheated that I have lived in the Australian sun all my life, and at age 30 my skin is now showing the signs of this with slight wrinkles and a couple of sunspots, I jumped at the chance to try Ella Bache’s Everyday 30+ Protection.

After cleansing your face, apply a small amount to your fingertips and work it to become smooth. With its thick formula, a little goes a long way – so you do get value for money.

Dab onto your face then blend in. I found I looked a little ghostly as it left a slightly white cast over my face, however about 10 minutes later it had absorbed. I did notice that less foundation was required – or could most likely be skipped as you’re left with a nice translucent glow. By the end of the day I hadnt noticed that my face appeared any oilier, as some suncreens can make that happen.

The only cons about this product is that the smell is slightly chemical, and if you don’t shake the product before use you do get a bit of oil seeping out amongst the product (most likely from the lanolin content).

He’s coming for you!

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone seeking an everyday high sun protection. I imagine I would only use it on days when I know majority will be spent outdoors, and with summer upon us – that’s more often!

Using Ella Bache Everyday 30+ Protection, I felt good knowing that I had an ‘invisible shield’ against the sun, without the oilyness you would get just using a sunscreen.

Everyday Zinc 30+ is available at all Ella Baché salons and David Jones stores nationally. For
stockists call 1800 789 234 or visit our location finder at (Available online at StrawberryNET)

Review by Betty C.

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  1. Very sensible advice, especially in Australia, but I think that woman isn’t entirely well informed.. we need to get some sun exposure to have enough Vitamin D to keep our bones strong (

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