Product Review: Rodial Anti-Aging Snake Venom Range!

Care for some venom?

If you asked me to make a list of things I would never consider putting on my face, snake venom would feature in the top ten. Probably top five.

I have no interest in doing such a thing even if you told me it was going to instantly lift my face and plump fine lines and wrinkles. So the real stuff is o-u-t, but what if it was Syn-ake, a synthetic ‘venom’ that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper’s potent venom? …Yeah I’m still not that interested. It all sounds a little…full on. Therefore I guess it’s fitting that the people behind this fake venom, the crew over at Rodial, have decided that the question they want you and I to answer is:

How far will you go to look younger?

(Like snake venom far?)

I mean it’s all a bit extreme isn’t it? Going in to review the Rodial products (Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum, Rodial Glamtox Night and Rodial Glamtox Active Daily Moisturizer) I was thinking a lot about how anti ageing products are all around us, constantly getting in our faces, telling us to look harder at those faces and suggesting maybe its time to start thinking about anti ageing at a point in your 20s where you shouldn’t really be giving a care. BUT social issues aside, maybe it can help to start using a product with anti ageing qualities as a preventative measure, IF you want to.

So back to Rodial.

I didn’t want this to work. I didn’t want to like it. I wanted to write it off as some crack pot way (I mean snake venom REALLY?) to get money off of people…but. Well. It’s like this. We got along really well. And I think it’s really great. Fake venom and all. I actually think this works. I would like to point out though- this did not instantly, miraculous freeze my face in a way that meant I couldn’t move it, it didn’t give me an instant face lift and it didn’t do anything that sounds like it is breaking the boundaries of science. But what it did do, moisturizing, fading fine lines and imperfections and best of all beginning to even out my skin tone was enough to have me hooked. Absolutely hooked. I also give massive, massive thumbs up to a company that puts an SPF in their daily moisturizer (that sun guy is the one that’s going to prematurely age you) and puts antioxidant protection in their products.

In short the Glamtox Night (above) has a really nice thick, but not oily, texture and is designed to work on re-surfacing your skin (again working on hyper pigmentation) and even in the short amount of time I used it I could see this beginning to already happen. It also is meant to reduce the size of your pores, maybe with extended use I would’ve seen that, but I didn’t over the 2 weeks I used it.

The Snake Serum is probably intended for someone who wants a more concentrated product to work on deep-set wrinkles, but I really liked the way that it made my skin feel. Kind of soft but very firm at the same time. It’s a really difficult feeling to try and describe (must be that venom huh?) And the feeling is addictive. The downer on this one is the price tag. The only way I think I will be able to add this to my daily routine is if Santa delivers it to me.

My favourite though was the Glamtox Active Daily Moisturizer. Holy Groceries this was good. The SPF! The non-greasy texture! The ability it had to make my skin feel hydrated all day! The fading of fine lines! I’ve always been pretty skeptical about anti ageing products on the basis that they just seemed to go against common sense but if you cut through all the snake venom/freeze your face/miracle cream/turn back the hands of time hype surrounding this you will hopefully see the Rodial products for what they really are, well made, nicely packaged, of a very high quality and certainly helping you and your skin out to look as healthy and youthful as it can possibly be.

Also, I guess with the venom being synthetic that means no snakes were harmed in the making of these products, so that’s good to know too.

Buy it online from Australia’s number one online beauty retailer, Adore Beauty!

Adriane Daff, faux snake venom convert.

Be well,



  1. Mel says:


    Just wondering if you’ve checked out the ingredients. They’re nothing special. At. all. And most of them are TOXIC (!!) and NOT natural.

    The alleged snake venom isn’t even in the creams anyway. You’d be better off using plain oil. A hundred bucks for water and sand (cyclomethicone) in a jar? No thanks.

    How is this wellness?

    Disappointed with this review.


  2. Kelly says:

    Hello Hello, I like this article alot. One thing if I may say though is I’ve heard different things about a SPF in the moisturiser. Apparently the girl at Mecca whom I was speaking to says this is not such a good thing as a sunscreen is suppose to sit on top of your face rather than soak in like a moisturiser does so. Hmm, for me, I prefer the first option, two in one!

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Yeah I’m not sure! I have also heard that sunscreen goes on first, then moisturiser, to protect the skin.

    I guess it’s a time saver thing and it probably provides some protection but not as much as doing the sunscreen, then moisturiser over the top!?

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Mel,

    I can see your concerns, which is why it’s great that product info is available to everyone on the packages so that we can all make an informed choice that suits our own personal needs!

    We review high-tech stuff, as well as more natural to keep it balanced and have something for everyone.

    Cheers for your comment!

  5. lilly says:

    I’ve bought the serum from Myer. All i have to say is do not waste your money. It was expensive. For what!! Make the money as quick as you can, come back with a new name, new marketing, and a new product that does not have any affect what so ever but actually damaging, aging the skin. Wellnesswa! Welldone! Hope you get a good commision.

  6. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Lilly,

    Sorry to hear you didn’t like the product! Just like any product it’s not for everyone 🙂 At least now you know, and can move on to another product. My writer found it was great for her, and did not receive a commission to write this review. As per our policy we only post truthful reviews which are our honest experience.

    Good luck and be sure to let us know what products you do like using, as it may help our readers!

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