Budget Beauty Product Review: Australis Lip Butters.

Sleek and attractive packaging? Check. Inside mirror for touch-ups? Check. Affordable? Absolutely.

Budget beauty specialists Australis deliver again with their cheap and cheerful range of new lip butters, which grew on me the more I used them.

The ball shape means they are light and easy to pick out amongst a plethora of items when you dive into your handbag.

I found that the pigments looked much more concentrated in the packaging than they turned out on the lips, but considering they are a butter, not a lipstick, I don’t think this is a big issue.

Tall Poppy‘ (pictured above), one of the five shades in the range, looked from the packaging to be a bright Barbie-pink colour, and is described on the Australis website as “clear with a hint of bright pink”. To my mind, a ‘bright pink’ pops on the lips, and this doesn’t. It is, however, a very pretty and demure shade, and a deeper colour is possible with more layering of the product. It’s actually very similar to one of my favourite lipstick shades, Lancome’s Vintage Rose.

Mmmm! ♥

The second shade I tried, the cheekily-named ‘Brownie Points’, had light caramel tones and is super subtle, but gorgeous with a dark smoky eye and a sweep of bronzer. Both shades would suit any complexion or skin colour, but one tip: don’t eat them – they don’t taste great!

Retailing at $8.95 the butters are a very reasonable purchase. Though not super-nourishing, they provide your smackers with a bit of protection, with aloe vera and vitamin E among the ingredients. My lips did tend to feel a bit dry and dehydrated by the end of the day, and I felt myself reaching for the paw paw ointment for some relief by late afternoon.

Australis though, are the stalwart of being able to create great looks on a tight budget, and these butters are a great addition to their range.

Review by Athanae Lucev, a freelance journalist and writer with a keen eye for a pretty bargain.

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