Lendan & Wellness WA Giveaway – Skincare + Haircare Packs!

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Exclusive salon-only brand Lendan, along with Wellness WA, are going to make three lovely readers VERY happy. We’re giving away three prize packs and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment stating why you want to win, simple as that! The winners will be drawn on the 8th February 2010 at random. Looking forward to reading all of your entries!

But first a bit more about Lendan…

♥ Does not use any animal derived ingredients (yay!)
♥ Does not test on animals (double yay!)
♥ Uses recyclable packaging
♥ Lendan’s Philosophy is based on respect for Nature, Scientific Research and Salon Only.

Prize Pack One!

♥ Rich Nutrition Gift Pack, RRP $54.95

Comprising of Shampoo, Leave-in Cream & Hair Mask, this Rich Nutrition set is packed full of Brazil nut oil (fabbb for your tresses) which will get any hair woes you’ve got sorted in no time!

Prize Pack Two!

♥ Hair to Go Polish (Shine Spray) RRP $24.95

While this one isn’t technically a ‘pack’, it’s a pretty special product. If you’re anything like me and love to smell like sugary sweet desserts as you go about your daily business you’re going to love this. Add to that it makes your hair glossy and shiny as can be. Did I mention it smells delicious? Vanilla icecream, in case you hadn’t guessed. Yummy!

Prize Pack Three!

♥ Aqua Rituals Hydro-Repairing Night Cream, RRP $85 & Beauty Flash x 2 RRP $14.95

Deeply moisturising and soothing to the skin, this baby is based on scientific research into skin hydration by two Nobel Prize winners! Dry skin, begone. This pack also includes 2 x tubes of Beauty Flash, which acts to eliminate signs of fatigue, smooth wrinkles and provide firmness and a healthy glow.

Leave a comment below to win one of these great Lendan prizes!

PS. WA folks only πŸ™‚

Be well,



  1. Shelley says:

    I would love to win as my hair is in dire need or some special treatment, and I’m petrified of getting wrinkles, so the Beauty Flash will be my best friend πŸ™‚

  2. Krystle says:

    I’d love to win as I never have any decent products to pamper myself with πŸ˜›

  3. GlossQueen says:

    Oh what a great competition! All of the products look beautiful. I’d love to win prize pack number three, I figure when the baby arrives I’ll need as much help as I can get to keep my skin looking healthy.

  4. Jane Wilson says:

    I really am a terrible sight,
    Even in the dead of night,
    Enough to give anyone a horrible fright,
    My hair’s a frizzin’
    My skin’s a saggin’
    I’d love to win a Lendan prize,
    Then I promise to stop a naggin’.

  5. Heather says:

    I would love to win some Len hair products as I am currently in need of help when it comes to my hair! I am growing my hair long and since it has gotten longer I find that the ends are getting drier and I really don’t know what I can do to help it! I tend to only use cheaper store-bought hair products so it would be lovely to experience some quality hair treatments. Also, I may have cut my fringe myself the other day…its a little wonky…my poor hair needs some pampering.

  6. Dempeaux says:

    I’d love to try some natural hair care and face products! I don’t like using too many chemicals any more!

  7. Karen Harris says:

    My hair and skin is battered on a daily basis by two young sons.
    Fairy floss and baby spit just doesn’t appear to leave the shine you would expect.
    My body would greatly love to win these products, to feel clean, shiny and fresh for a change.

  8. Nicole says:

    I always try to buy natural environmentally respectful products and I love Landan’s respect for animals and nature reflected in their philosophy. I’ve never tried Lendan before and would love to win any of the packs in order to try them, they sound fantastic.

  9. melanie w says:

    ooh these look lovely would be such a treat to give any of them a try

  10. Lisa Gray says:

    I can ALWAYS do with a little wellness help!

  11. sam hudson says:

    I would love to win so I can smell like vanilla icecream! I do believe the boyfriend would be a fan haha πŸ˜€

  12. Gabi says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! My hair is in dire need of love and attention.
    I’ve grown my hair long for the first time in my life and need some extra special products to help it along the way!
    The night cream sounds absolutely gorgeous and I am a HUGE advocate of all natural products!

  13. bec says:

    i am no prof competition enter-er but I would love to win the icecream. mmmm.

  14. Danyell says:


    I would like to win because I look like a scarecrow with a straw (hair) hat on but, the crow’s are not scared because they left footprints around my eyes!

  15. Imogen says:

    As with anything thing you do, it will only work if it is sustainable. This goes for diet, exercise and lifestyle. This is my mantra and to be able to encorporate that into my beauty products would boost me to being a super sustainable human being, pick me!

  16. Niquita says:

    I am of the belief that my co-workers would probably appreciate it if I didn’t smell so un-beautied.
    So it’s really for the best of the company.

    Plus the flies are really distracting.

  17. Sian says:

    I’m into having shiny luscious hair any day, bring it on!

  18. miss marian says:

    I’d like to win as I’d never heard of this company prior, always like checking out new products, and their philosophy of not using animal derived products/testing goes hand in hand with my own views.
    Plus I’d blog reviews (hopefully favourable) on whichever products I received! =)

  19. Boo says:

    I would love to win this fantastic giveaway because:
    – they are an ethical brand! (the worlds needs more of this sort of stuff!)
    – the packaging looks fab
    – the fragrances sound tasty
    … AND im getting married very, very shortly and desperately needs some pamerping before the big day! πŸ™‚

  20. Manda says:

    I just love that …. no-animals-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-this-Lendan (range).

    Id be so excited to win.

    Thanks for the chance!

  21. Georgie says:

    My hair is in deperate need of some TLC, and I’m sure it would LOVE a treat like ‘vanilla icecream’ and brazil nut oil! – YUM! Its not for human consumption though right!?

  22. Moana Meads says:

    I would love my daughter Rebecca to win a prize pack please !! She has just arrived to live with us her family here in Perth from N.Z and is 21 wks pregnant with our first Grandchild. She is a diabetic type 1 and has experience a life filled with health issues which has been out of her control. She takes everything within her stride and never complains and I think if anyone should be more deserving than it should be her.
    I would like to thank you for this opportunity and commend you on a wonderful website which I so happen to stumble upon and shared with a friend who also likes your site Wellness WA … Well done :-))

  23. Anai says:

    Yay for ethical brands, the world needs more of them! All of the products sound amazing :]

  24. Alicia says:

    I want to win a prize because they look heck delicious and my skins and hairs are in desperate need of some tender loving care.

  25. Kim Brekelmans says:

    I would love to win so I can spoil myself with some great products

  26. kerrie says:

    i would love to win Lendan so i can treat myself because everything i can afford is off the supermarket shelf

  27. Aileen says:

    I would love to win any of these packs. My skin is in such a terrible state at the moment! so dry~! sniff! some nice products would help get it back on track though and looking fab! I love organic products because they make you feel beautiful without harsh chemicals!

    wish me crickets!

  28. Russell Howells says:

    I would love to win this for my better half.I am sure she would really appreciate a gift.

  29. Adele Kezich says:

    I’m a girl who loves Fashion,
    but looking after my skin and hair is my first passion
    Lendan products supply the best
    have to try and confirm the test

  30. kristy sweeney says:

    Fabulous giveaway, Everyone needs a little bit of pampering, being a mum of five it doesn’t happen often but its divine when it does . I love that these products are natural and not harmful to the environment.

  31. Alan says:

    The rich nutrition giftpack would be the perfect gift for my creative teenage daughter,her once healthy tresses now resemble thin straw – bleaching, colouring, straightening , -she’s tried it all !

  32. Clare says:

    My hair needs your help desperately! Being enviro and animal friendly is a super added bonus too! xx

  33. Skye says:

    Firstly I never win anything. So this here is a long shot straight out. With a baby and everything that goes with it, it would be nice to have something for myself like the good old days. Also I really do like the fact that you helping the planet out by being natural.

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