Alison Jade Cosmetics Winners!

♥ We had 2 prize packs worth $260 each from Alison Jade to give away! ♥

Gather round everyone… the two lucky winners have been chosen based upon the answers I loved the most!

Please say congratulations to:

1. Heather – “I would love to win this Alison Jade prize pack as I have never tried mineral makeup before, and it is something that I have been wanting to try for a while. I try to live well by eating organically and I don’t use any products on my body that have chemicals EXCEPT for my makeup, and I feel it is about time that changed! Mineral makeup can be quite pricey, which is why I haven’t tried it yet, so this prize would be a wonderful way for me to experience this beautiful mineral makeup so that I can allow my healthy lifestyle to finally expand to my makeup as well!”.


2. Rosemary – How could I be any more deserving than any of these lovely ladies who would love to win amazing Alison Jade products?
I have been sick for the past 2-3 months and am finally getting the energy to live again and would love to feel like a woman again! I think I remember having the energy to wax my legs and put on makeup. 
One of the first things I would do is to get dressed up and go on a date with my husband of 4 months. I would love him to see me as a stunner again. (In his eyes anyway.)

Both you ladies had such lovely answers and I felt you’d both be perfect recipients of the Alison Jade range.

We have a runner up winner, too, from Nicky, who I will be sending a little goodie pack out to as well (not AJ products, but I’m sure you’ll love it too!!)

Thanks for entering everyone, it was a really successful competition and we have LOTS more in store for the rest of the year 🙂

Much love!

Be well,




  1. Congratulations girls! You’ll have to show us the results 🙂

  2. April Rose says:

    What wonderful answers and such deserving women!

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