Beauty Salon Review: Deluxe Facial at Bridget Black, Mount Lawley.

Fed up with the way many products and brands in the beauty world were either overpriced, poorly formulated, marketed in a misleading way or all three, Perth chemist, businesswoman and mother Bridget Black decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her chemistry background provided the foundation for her to create her own range of beauty products. Her absolute commitment to ethical practice means no ingredients used by the business are tested on animals and she tracks carbon footprint for everything from manufacture to distribution, as well as crediting $2 for the return of every piece of BB packaging.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a deluxe facial at Bridget’s flagship Mt Lawley boutique.

Reception / store area.

The fit-out is gorgeous. Considering the namesake of the business, black is the obvious choice, but it’s complemented with lots of bright white, chandeliers and make-up style light-bulbs around the mirrors.

I don’t know about you, but the moment I always fear most with a new beautician is the one where that lamp with the all-knowing light hangs over your face and tells of the multitude of sins: drinking too much alcohol and too little water, smoking (not that I do), spending too much time in the sun (driving a soft-top in summer doesn’t help); eating poorly or whatever other vice you have or temptation you give in to. Luckily, it appears all that drinking water and diligent application of sunscreen paid off and my skin, is, happily, free of premature aging and sun damage.

Temily, the therapist I had on the day, was an absolute professional.

After leaving me to tuck myself into the plush (black) blankets, she ran through my own skincare routine with me, having read the client details I had filled in on arrival.

The lush treatment room.

One of my pet hates is pushy therapists who try to sell you products while you’re having a treatment. Ditto for hairdressers trying to upsell serums, conditioners etc at the till.
I’m all for being informed, knowing what the therapist is using and the features and benefits, but it’s a fine line between informing a client and peddling products and Temily straddled it perfectly. It was an incredibly relaxing and soothing treatment, but also one where I felt informed and safe every step of the way, also another really important factor with a new therapist. Temily made me feel like just for that hour, there was no more important place to be than right where I was.

The jojoba buffing beads were one of my favourite products. I’ve used them since I had the facial, and have really never felt my skin so clean and clear of debris and dead skin cells.

Bridget Black Eye Gel, 30ml – RRP $35

The eye gel also felt beautiful on my skin and appeared to really make the skin around my eyes tighter and more soft and supple. The moisturiser for normal to oily skin, which is what I’ve got, was the perfect weight and I wasn’t left feeling at all greasy on a hot Perth summer morning.

One of the most delightful parts of the facial was the arm and leg exfoliation. Having a choice of scents added a personal touch, and vanilla, which is my all-time favourite, was one of them. Being able to select, when filling in client info, what level of massage you like is just one of the services that makes the Bridget Black experience more personal and far better than the average beauty salon encounter.

I left the salon feeling pampered, spoiled and like I’d been treated with products that had truly done my skin good.

The deluxe facial goes for 1 hour and costs $75.

Bridget runs a second store on St George’s Terrace in the CBD.
Follow Bridget’s movements on Facebook or on her website.

Have you tried Bridget Black, or any other local Perth brands before? Let us know in the comments!

Review by Athanae Lucev, a freelance journalist and writer with a keen eye for a pretty bargain.

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  1. Temily says:

    Thankyou Athanae, You have made my day !

    Kind Regards

    Temily xx

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