Product Review: Rodial Glamtox Cleanser and Rodial Glam Balm 2-in-1!

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I like to think of Rodial as being the new kids on the block. Although starting up in 1999 surely means that by now they are no rookies, still, Rodial is new to my life. I’ve tried a couple of their products so far, and although their sometimes unusual ingredients have come under a bit of scrutiny here and elsewhere I’m sure, I have really enjoyed them. So I’m adding two more to the pile.

Rodial Glamtox Cleanser – $80

Number one (the first I tried and the one I preferred) Rodial’s Glamtox Cleanser. At first when I read that this product had lightening agents in it I thought ‘OH NO please if I was any paler I would disappear’ but, as you can probably imagine a. I am a bit dramatic and b. it doesn’t exactly work like that. I really loved this cleanser because it was thick, had a great smell, removed make up easily and guess what- after using it everyday for two weeks I noticed discolourations and marks that had been on my face for a while now start to lighten and fade. That’s the first time I have ever seen that happen! Thank you lightening and brightening agents. All round a really lovely hard working little cleanser.

Rodial Glam Balm – $100

Number two was the Rodial Glam Balm 2 in 1 lip and wrinkle plumper. By definition it is ‘2 in 1’ but I found that this balm was really versatile and could really be called ’HEAPS in 1’.

It can be used as an anti ageing treatment for the face, lips, neck and hands and I found I started using it on small cuts or small areas of dry skin as well as to keep my lips hydrated. It’s the perfect size to carry around with you in your bag and isn’t greasy or sticky, so if you hate that gluey feeling of some lip-glosses or lip balms this is right up your alley. I didn’t feel the plumping effect but the condition of the skin on my lips became softer and smoother- actually any skin I put it on became softer and smoother and just generally better looking and feeling.

I am also very much looking forward to using it as in-flight mask because the moisturizing quality of this product really gives me confidence that using it will help side step that dried out, crackly feeling your skin gets when you fly (and I live in Western Australia so going anywhere on a plane is always a long trip). An ideal multi-purpose purchase.

Article by dream snake-lovin babe, Adriane Daff.

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