Down to Earthy – Our Fave New Eco-Friendly Products!

Today we’re going to get a little bit hippie on you and suggest some of our new found favourite eco and earth lovin prods! Some of them smell like nature, some of them make sure our animal friends stay safe and some of them have a low environmental impact. They’re all winners in their own way… so throw on your hemp tee, grab some used-tire sandals and follow me into the wonderful world of earthy delights.

First stop, a firm fave for many years: LUSH! They use use fruit and veggies, essential oils, and synthetic ingredients (this means minimal animal harm!) in all products. All lush products are vegetarian! In addition to not using animal fats in their prods, they are also test on people, not bunnies 🙂

Lush Cosmetics – Grass Shower Gel RRP $9.95-$34.95

Flip the cap and take a whiff, showering with this will make anyone believe you’ve spent all day rolling around in a pile of freshly mown lawn clippings. The uplifting scent gets me going in the morning, and there’s also real wheatgrass in there, so it’s almost as good as gulping a shot of the bad tasting (butohsogoodforyou) stuff. Almost.

Hottie Massage Bar – RRP $9.95

Jojoba, cocoa butter, shea butter, vanilla absolute, black pepper and ginger oil are the ingredients that make this ultra melty massage bar so good for post-workout soreness. SUPER SENSITIVE SKINS BEWARE THOUGH! While I adored having this massaged onto me thanks to an obliging boyfriend, his super sensitive eczema prone skin had other ideas and unfortunately became irritated after using it. I also have sensitive skin and was fine, so if you’re unsure, maybe test some on your skin down at your local Lush shoppe and wait a day to see if you’re safe. I hope you are, because this is a real treat.

Body Shop Earth Lovers range

Coming in delectable flavours such as pear and lemongrass, fig and rosemary and my personal favourite apricot and basil, this new range by The Body Shop is made with 100% recyclable plastic bottle, no sulphates, parabens, colourants or soap AND the gel itself is 100% biodegradable! The gorgeous scents pack a punch and that makes this one of my favourite new ‘good for the Earth’ prods 🙂 At only $14.95 you could treat yourself to a couple as well.

Echolife Macrobiotic sea salt bath crystals!

I am enjoying these baths sooooo much lately, and given we are on the edge of Autumn-Winter, it feels so lovely to slip into a warm, steamy tub. I must admit, I don’t know too much about macrobiotics, but these salts claim to be an excellent way of absorbing all the minerals the sea contains in balance.

I am not kidding when I tell you that until Yesterday I hadn’t been to the ocean in about 2 years! If you’re like me and don’t get down to the beach often enough, or are unable to due to living nowhere near one, then I think a sea salt bath is the next best thing. Just writing about this is making me want to go turn on the taps… 🙂

Endota Organic Honey & Cinnamon Lip Balm – RRP $17

Now to some organic lip smackin’ goodness. This honey and cinnamon lip balm is iiiiiiincredible! Tastes like a chai tea for the lips, or honey cinnamon toast. Perfect for this weather we are currently having! This yummy critter can be found on my lips on a daily basis. I recommend! You can check out the scent for yourself in the city David Jones 🙂

That’s all for now my loves, if you have any suggestions for great eco products we should take a look at then leave a comment!

Happy rainy Tuesday!

Be well,




  1. Kelly says:

    Apricot and Basil is the same flavour as Adriano Zumbo’s macaroon yummy!!! I want this shower gel!

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    I don’t know who Adriano Zumbo is! But if you would like to make me this macaroon I would be more than obliging 😉

  3. Noala says:

    Are the Body Shop products made in Australia? I went to their website but couldn’t find that info anywhere. If it’s not made in Australia then it’s not earth friendly as it will have lots of transport miles which creates carbon footprint. If it’s made in Australia then the carbon emissions from transport will be less.
    Buy local – it’s better for the planet.

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    The products are made in the UK, so not Australian. However, they do participate in carbon offsetting, the info can be found:

    Be sure to share your favourite local brands Noala!

  5. miss marian says:

    nice stuff – Moogoo is always a great natural brand to check out; their Udder cream is lovely and soothing…Tinderbox’s Plant Power is a great herby oil for sore spots too.

  6. Kelly says:

    Adriano Zumbo is the infamous patisser on Masterchef 😀 Apricot and Basil must be a great combo! What is the difference between these salts and the epsom salts? I’m thinking of getting some more salts today.

  7. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Thanks Miss Marian those are some lovely suggestions 🙂 My work colleague LOVES Tinderbox so we have lots of their gear floating around the office! xo

  8. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Kelly – they are different to the Epsom Salts!

    Epsom salts specifically contain a high content of magnesium which relaxes muscles and is harvested from specific salt lakes (or chemically manufactured which is the case with the blue stuff you get from supermarkets… so those ones are not as good as the natural stuff)

    The sea salts are to create a sea bathing environment which is just naturally healing for you 😉 xo

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