Product Review: Kit Cosmetics Coconut Body Lotion AND Beyond Coconut Water – Double Coco-Combo!

I’m absolutely going nutty over these new products that I’ve just trialed! I have been a long-time convert of the benefits of coconut water (a HUGE fad with the celebs these days) and now I can share with you these two new obsessions of mine.

The task? To apply coconut lotion while drinking coconut water. Ha, not really, but I did drink the coconut water after a 6km walk around the Swan River. I’ve reported back and here are my results:


Kit Cosmetics Coconut Body Lotion is pure heaven. It’s like coconut water bottled up in a lotion (with some extra added benefits of Vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil) complete with handy pump. When I slather on the lotion it has a silky consistency and makes my skin feel extra soft. It’s also ultra cleansing, much like the coconut water.

The taste of the Beyond 100% Coconut Water is light and very refreshing. It hydrates while being 100% fat free, high in potassium and it replenishes lost electrolytes (which easily tops those sugary so called sports “energy drinks”). The bottle even states that Beyond Coconut Water provides extreme hydration, and I found this to be very true, a nice addition to my 3 litres of water a day.

At $29.95 the Kit Cosmetics Coconut Body Lotion is limited edition so get your mitts on it while you can, and if you want to save yourself some trouble of cracking open those young coconuts, you can find more information on where to get the coco-water at Beyond Coconut Water.

If you’re more of an in person kinda gal/guy:

Perth CBD – kit at Myer

Murray St, Perth
(08) 9265 5872


Enex100, 100 St Georges Terrace
(08) 9486 7610

Article by Kelly-Anne

Be well,



  1. Right now I am a little bit in love with young coconut water & flesh, so I think I will have to give this product a go. Thanks for the review!

    H 🙂

  2. GlossQueen says:

    I love coconut scents so I need to get my hands on the lotion asap.

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Oooo hi guys!

    Glad there’s a few coconut lovers 🙂 You can pick up the coconut water from a few IGA’s as well, ultimate coconut treat – downing a bottle of this, while slathering with coconut lotion. Yummo!

    Hannah – Now I want some coconut flesh mmmmmmmmmmmmm! x

  4. Hannah says:

    I randomly bought this coconut water the other day- so delicious and refreshing not to mention the health benefits!

  5. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Awesome Hannah (number 2)!!!

    A great supplement to a vego diet isn’t it 😀

  6. I’m scared I’d eat it. Still, that might be ok… it’s body lotion and the inside of my body might need some too, right?

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