Two Words Women Don’t Want to Hear! (Or, Hairdresser Review: Maurie Meade, Subiaco.)

I’m pregnant!!

Don’t get me wrong – we love hearing them from friends, then it’s all shrieks, hugs, and tears. But there’s one person we simply do not want to hear it from, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for the whole sisterhood here…your hairdresser.

Years of unflattering cuts, tragic colours, and massively botched home attempts, litters a rite of passage to be endured until you find, THE ONE. So when your hairdresser enthusiastically declares her impending motherhood, I understand that it takes all your strength not to pick up the buzz razor and fashion a reverse Mohawk through the centre of her perfectly sculpted bob.

Word of warning, if you’re a hairdresser about to make a life changing announcement, please don’t be offended if your clients don’t share your enthusiasm, it’s just that we know our life is about to become ruled by our fickle follicles.

When my last hairdresser drifted off into oblivion, I found myself skulking back to a major corporate salon I’d used years ago in the nineties, Maurice Mead Subiaco.

Perhaps it was a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder but I was thrilled with the service. Not only were the magazines post World War II, I was given a cup of tea and placed in front of a television showing the latest fashions, then given a head massage to die for. The act of hair washing reached a whole new level when, lying back on a black leather vibrating massage chair, the apprentice worked his magic for a good 15 minutes, all the while checking on my personal level of pressure, bliss. Numb beyond belief I watched on as my stylist, Ailsa, retrieved my card and identified the colours that had worked best for me in the past then listened to what I wanted. Not only that, she checked regularly to make sure I was happy. In the end I left the salon relaxed and feeling very special. While it was a lot dearer than my previous stylist, I’d almost pay double just for the head massage, but don’t tell them that.

Maurice Meade Subiaco
9/127 Rokeby Road, SUBIACO WA 6008
Salon is located on Barker Rd

PH: (08) 9381 6447

Review by Glennys Marsdon – author, blogger, consumer behaviourist who’s spent a lifetime researching why we do what we do, but still hasn’t worked out Hollywood tap.

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  1. how much was a cut and blow dry?

  2. Glennys says:

    ghee I can’t remember now Camilla, probably best to call them incase I get it wrong, but ‘d say around $90-100 and remember that includes the head massage 🙂

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