Win Win Win: One of 5 Echolife Jars of Facial Clay!

Currently my cleanser of choice, as well as being my weekly clearing mask – this multitasking jar of Echolife hydrated clay (RRP$21.40) has me yelling ‘YOU LITTLE BEAUTY‘!

If you’re not the type to yell whilst applying beauty products, that’s okay too, but I would like to share how I use this gem.


Take a small dollop of clay, say the size of a 10 cent piece, add warm water and apply to your face with the usual cleansing motions. Splash face with water to remove.

Weekly mask

Apply a thick-ish layer to your whole face, wait 15 minutes til it dries, wash off! This is one serious mask, I couldn’t smile or giggle while it was drying, and it drew out all my oil and gunk resulting in much clearer skin for the following few days.

So here’s where you come in… together with Echolife, we are giving away jars of this magical natural goo to FIVE lucky readers who care to share the following with us in the comments:

What natural products do you use as part of your beauty routine?

The winners will be drawn on Wed 20 July, one entry per person. Good luck! 🙂

Be well,



  1. Melissa says:

    Each day I apply Invisible Zinc tinted daywear as part of my beauty routine. It’s SPF 30 and free from nano particles & other nasty ingredients found in simliar products. Also not tested on animals! I then apply Nude by Nature loose powder over the top which also has SPF protection – you can’t protect your skin enough from the suns damaging rays I say!
    I also drink lots of water each day to ensure I have enough energy to chase my toddler around all day, not to mention keep my skin looking good!

  2. dani beckett says:

    Paw paw cream… I swear by it for soft nourished lips, dry skin, even bites and blemishes……. I love it! 🙂

  3. Kate Quinn says:

    I have just started using 100% Pure Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil) from Halka B. Skincare in Freo. I have used different types of oils, like coconut and cacao, but none work well with my skin. I’m finding the Argan Oil really moisturises and hydrates, and leaves my skin soft. There’s no oil residue which is good! I just love it 🙂

  4. Katie Dimario says:

    1) Morrocan Oil on my hair (best recommendation from the website EVA!!)
    2) Rosehip oil on my face (hoping to keep the wrinkles at bay)
    3) Bio oil on my body (oil me up baby!!)
    4) Paw Paw ointment on my lips (to keep them kissable)
    5) A mud mask i got from Freo markets (cos I like looking pretty in the bath!)

  5. Nikki-Lea says:

    I have started a more conclusive beauty routine of late that involves a rose water spritz to tone as well as moisturinsing my face at night with rosehip oil, vitamen E oil and Jojoba oil often I mix them together but more often then not I use Jojoba oil on its own and even use it in my hair and sometimes mix it into my foundation which leaves my skins feeling lovely all day.

  6. Raelene Sutton says:

    I currently use a cleanser, body wash and conditioner made with hemp seed oil. I also drink about 2-3 litres of water to hydrate myself.
    I also use lansinoh (lanolin) on my lips as a gloss.
    This clay sounds fantastic, a 2 in 1, perfect for a busy mum with 2 little ones.

  7. Francesca says:

    I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts and psorisis and like to use a few simple natural Aussie products. Firstly I use Moo Goo body/face wash in the shower.,au. Then I I swear by Francesca Perino’s skincare at Mi:skin in Perth – her Antioxidant Mist, and Rejuvenating Serum are awesome, and her Blemish Remedy is good for spotty days.!/misknclinic?sk=app_135607783795
    I would love a clay mask please! 🙂

  8. Munaza says:

    I use :
    1.Aloe vera gel to keep my skin blemish free
    2.Morrocan oil and jojoba oil on my hair after heat styling to keep it shiny and frizz free.
    3.Jojoba oil as a serum under my day cream as it gives my moisturiser an extra boost.
    4.Olive oil and sugar mixed together for a lip and foot scrub
    5.Whipped egg, avocado, honey,olive oil and mayonnaise (all together) as a hair mask.Leaves my hair in top condition.
    6.Facial mud masks mixed with rosewater/milk.
    This is a great post Annette, learnt so many great tips for everyone! (fingers crossed)

  9. miss marian says:

    zinc-based sunscreen; every day.
    every type of vegetable oil/wax – esp. coconut oil – added to skin, hair, and food.
    Eluysion/Ere Perez mineral makeup (occasionally).
    Lush cleanser.
    clay-based scrub.
    essential oil therapy as needed.
    herbal teas; everyday!

  10. Renee says:

    ON MY FACE:-
    I’m currently using a face wash and moisturiser by an Australian company called Natures Quest ( So affordable and such a pleasure to use. I also use a Rose Hydrating Mist by MV Organics (another Australian treasure) plus Sukin Rose Hip Oil under my moisturiser.

    Unrefined, extra virgin, organic coconut oil. What a little miracle worker.

    I keep it all very simple and since turning to natural products I have never looked back.

  11. Sarah says:

    I use aesop’s sage and zinc moisturiser every day and mop’s moisture greens shampoo and conditioner. At this time of the year, my skin and scalp need all the moisture they can get! Oh, and plenty of water of course 🙂

  12. Karen Robinson says:

    I use A’kin & Tinderbox skin products. I also like to use raw honey and raw sugar for a facial scrub. My family uses Alchemy Hair products but as I have sexy dreadlocks, and I mean SEXY dreadlocks, I use an organic WA made soap only available from the Weird Sistas in either Fremantle or Melbourne. Smells so yummy I could almost eat it! My four year old daughter loves to smell my dreads as they smells so nice!!! Kaz

  13. Sharon Fawcett says:

    I use MooGoo oil cleanser for washing my face (and its just beautiful to use). When I need to exfoliate I use Natural Instinct facial scrub and I’ve recently started using Natures Quest facial moisturiser (cheap as chips and smooth and creamy) and for my hair I use Alchemy products.
    I also have an annoying problem piece of skin near my eye which I use Pawpaw ointment on to help heal it up.

  14. Kris Williams says:

    Can’t do without my apricot face scrub and Nivea body cream.

  15. GlossQueen says:

    This sounds like an amazing product! I currently use a natural lip balm (Burt’s Bees), face wash (Corrynne’s), jojoba oil and rosehip oil. I’d like to eventually use all natural products, provided I can find products that are effective.

  16. tracey says:

    I currently use the sukin natural skincare range, it is amazing, my skin is very sensitive & also oily, great products especially the creme cleanser, I also use the paw paw creme it is great for everything, burn & especially itchy bites 🙂

  17. Emma says:

    As an ex-beauty therapist,I try to use as many natural products on my skin as possible.My current favourite Winter treat is warmed up Olive oil and sugar,used all over my body for a super hydrating,smoothing scrub!It works miracles on my dry cuticles so a bonus hand treatment in one :)))
    I would love to add this mask to my new list of winners!!

  18. Clare Ryan says:

    Bio oil, it has helped heaps with my uneven skin tone and lightened my blemishes by about 90%. xx

  19. Amy says:

    There are a couple of natural products I use within my skin care routine;
    1) Thursday Plantation aloe vera gel; this soothing and cooling gel is great for relieving redness and giving me skin a moisture boost
    2) A’kin rosehip oil; this Godsend is a wonder oil for my skin, I use it religiously every night to improve skin tone and clarity
    3) Macadamia/argan oil; a little of this in my hair before blow dry tames flyaways and gives a lustrous shine
    4) Sukin’s purifying face masque; this red oxide clay based masque is both purifying and nourishing, a perfect weekly treat for my oily skin
    5) Invisible Zinc environmental skin protector; I prefer to use physical sunscreen, and I can trust the zinc in this moisturiser to give me protection throughout the day
    6) New Directions jojoba oil or sweet almond oil makes an awesome cost effective precleanser for my oily skin.

  20. ariane says:

    I love to use essential oils. I use tea tree oil when my skin is breaking out, and when my skin needs calming, I use lavender oil . I also love Corrynnes products from margaret River and love how they make my skin feel. All natural and beautiful.

  21. Bonny Sisson says:

    I love using Moroccan Oil for my hair and find that it is great along my dry hair line. I also make my own gentle scrub of olive oil and sugar occasionally. I also use a beautiful Organic Rose hydrating facial spritzer from the Thurlby Herb Farm here in WA’s beautiful south-west.

  22. Fars says:

    Invisible Zinc and Ubtan scrub- my beauty staples!

  23. Amber B says:

    I LOVE Pawpaw Cream – it’s so versatile and smells soo good!

  24. Danyell says:


    I use Witch Hazel…it works!

  25. Laura says:

    I use certified organic Rosehip Oil and Rosewater mist on my face at night.
    Both smell divine, and make my skin buttery soft and clear.

  26. Wendy says:

    I have a small aloe vera plant growing outside and it is wonderful! I just break off a leave and gently rub its sap into my skin.It is wonderful for sunburn, general burns and small cuts and abrasions. It helps speed up the healing process and makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed. It’s the cheapest and most effective beauty product ever!

  27. Anai says:

    Alas, my beauty routine is seriously lacking in natural products, which is something I need to sort out ASAP- the only thing in my routine is Rosehip oil to clear up some scars on my shoulder and neck, and occasionally to take the redness out of my face.

  28. kristy sweeney says:

    I use Rose Hip Oil twice a day, it is so divine and I use Alchemy for my hair.