Alternative Therapy Review: Devine Wellbeing Practice, Coolbinia, Perth.

I have spent the last few weeks of every Tuesday A.M. with Larissa Amos from Devine Wellbeing Practice. What she awakens within the four walls of her consciously decorated studio, with modern and retro themes, branded by peacock feathers and a beautiful landscape of attuned crystals, is simply awe inspiring. Larissa greets you with heart at your first consultation, at which moment you are quite assured that you have entered into something quite special. I’m not generally taken by the air and fare that you can experience from ‘so called’ healers, but with Larissa the confidence is raised to a whole new level.

Inside it is both cosy and ambient with soft soulful music playing, the senses are in appreciation. Larissa combines a unique selection of therapies (meditation, massage & healing) which culminate together in both a feel good and life enhancing experience, her time with you is almost always on the generous side, so be sure to spare a few extra minutes, they are well worth it.

Have you ever wondered why you experience the physical and emotional discomforts you do?

Larissa will bring you closer to your answers. “I like to think of emotions as a way of reading information, either sent from an outside source or an internal one, emotions are simply trying to tell us something, my system of healing guides and teaches the individual management of the mind body and spirit” Larissa shares.

My time with her was an awakening experience and a connection to strengths I didn’t know that I had. From the first time that I saw her I have continued to utilise these strengths in the world we live in. Absolutely empowering! I would highly recommend taking a breather to investigate the potential Larissa can elevate you to, truly magical.

The Devine Wellbeing Practice is located in Coolbinia, nestled within the suburban streets, bookings are by appointment only.

Address: 7/23 Ardross Crescent
Coolbinia, Perth 6053
Mobile: 0419 858 074

Review by Lavida Rose.

Disclaimer: Devine Time is currently advertising on Wellness WA. This advertising relationship in no way affects the nature or outcome of the review.

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