Beauty & Wellbeing Crush: Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox Book – 21 Days to a Healthier, Slimmer You.

Joshi’s Holistic Detox

If someone doesn’t comment within two weeks on how great you’re looking – then you’re cheating.” – Dr Joshi.

I picked this up randomly when a lovely little bookstore near me was having a 50% off closing down sale. Never one to say no to the possibility of a bargain, I dashed in and came across Dr Joshi’s book which I’d been intrigued by previously but never bought.

While I don’t need to be slimmer, healthier I can always go for. Basically Dr Joshi draws on Ayurvedic wisdom, as well as the principles of alkaline eating to help you feel your best. You will go without a few much loved things for 21 days, incorporating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies (some are out though), gluten-free products, herbal teas, supplements and other good-for-you treats. It’s a really well designed program and leads you through everything with LOADS of information and reviews/testimonials from many of his well known clients, including Gwyneth Paltrow.

The only thing that is personally detrimental is that the majority of recipes call for chicken stock (even the veggie ones), so as a vegetarian it would be hard to follow the supplied detox menu. That said there ARE options, and I’m sure you could use veggie stock, but there’s a lotta chicken in this book – organic, free-range naturally! Which reminds me of THIS wonderful Youtube…

Despite the chicken qualms, I’d totally recommend this book if you’re game for a detox, but want to know all the little details behind how/what/where/why, in an accessible and interesting format. I really enjoyed it, go Joshi! Available on Amazon for about $21 USD.

Have you ever tried a detox or wanted to? If so let us know your experience / reason for wanting to try!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Do you know any stockists in Perth? 🙂 <3

  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve seen this book, it looks intriguing! Hmmm can’t say I’m up for a detox, but I’m for incorporating super healthy foods into my everyday diet such as goji berries, coconut water, barley grass poweder & kale 🙂 It does sound like a great challenge though! x

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hiya gals,

    Hannah: I don’t think I’m doing the full detox at all, just incorporating some of the suggestions into my daily life!

    Kels: Not off the top of my head! This was a random pickup, I’d try bigger Dymocks etc in the city and see how you go. It’s such a shame Borders is no more 🙁

  4. Paula says:

    could you use Massell Chicken Style Stock?

  5. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Paula,

    Fantastic, thanks for that link! I have seen that around but never checked it out – you’re a star :)))

  6. K. says:

    Hahahaha! I love that show – living in Fremantle it hits a bit close to the bone…love the sketches about the bicycle riding mayor!

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