Home Salon Review: Leg Wax @ Just Beautiful Skin by Kylie Morellini, Shenton Park.

I have trouble finding good waxers. My skin is super sensitive and generally responds terribly to wax rollers. One time my underarms got incredibly burnt from a therapist trying to use a wax roller on them (very bad idea), another time I was told my legs were ‘really really hairy’ by a waxer I’d never met before (they were, but I didn’t need them to remind me!) and a lot of the time there are hairs left over and my skin comes out looking red-raw. All this and the privilege of paying upwards of $50 for the experience.

So I’m excited to let you know that I’ve finnnnalllllllly found a place that has everything a sensitive-legged gal could want in a waxing salon and it’s only $30 for a full-leg wax!!!

I came across ‘Just Beautiful Skin’ by Kylie Morellini on a notice board down at my local shops. I hadn’t had any great ‘at home salon’ experiences before, but something compelled me to email Kylie and book in for a wax. Probably the amazing price and convenient location.

Here’s the reasons it gets a big smiling tick of approval from me:


Stepping into Kylie’s little home salon is like going on a summer holiday. It feels like a mini beach house in there, and as I was staring up at the white, wooden paneled ceiling I found myself contemplating taking a dip in the ocean, then grabbing an icecream.

Best wax rollers, ever

As mentioned above, I had all but resigned myself to never letting a wax roller touch me again. This time I was shocked – the wax rolled on smoothly and not too hot, and was taken off easily by the strip, along with my leg hairs and minimal pain. I couldn’t believe it! Very impressed.


Kylie was extremely thorough in making sure she hadn’t missed any rogue bits of hair, which was much appreciated.

Friendly and caring

Just what you want in a beauty therapist, I found her lovely, super easy to get along with and she even advised me not to get my bikini line waxed, which I had asked for, as I’d previously been having IPL done and it would ‘reset’ all the hairs and I’d have to start again. Eeeek! So, so glad she let me know.

Mild waxing redness

My legs are always going to be a little red after waxing, it’s a fact I’ve resigned myself to. This time though, they were the least red they’ve been in a looooooong time, it was really exciting for me! 😉

The price

$30 for a full leg wax. And with such good service, Cannot. Beat. It.

You can email or call Kylie from Just Beautiful Skin to book an appointment, her salon is located in Shenton Park.

Email: kyl_morellini@hotmail.com

Ph: 0404 183 467.

Where is your favourite place to get your legs waxed in Perth?!

Be well,




  1. Kelly says:

    That’s a bargain!!! I don’t wax my legs and don’t live near Shenton Park unfortunately but will recommend to friends!

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much for this review – my regular beautician is talking about closing her business to get into another line of work, so I will definitely keep Kylie in mind for when that time comes.

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Awesome Kel!

    Lauren, that’s a shame, but I’m sure you wont be disappointed if you check out Kylie 🙂 xx

  4. What a great review and thanks to the lovely Annette!

    As a result of this great review I received 4 calls/emails in the one day alone!

    I have now decided to commit more time to my home salon and therefore am available during the day on some days.

    I am quite flexible with my bookings – so give me a call!

    Kylie xx

  5. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Thanks Kylie, I’m so glad to hear you’ve had a positive response from this article… I need to book in to see you again soon!

  6. Pamela says:

    Roll Ons get a bit of a bad rap. To be honest wax is wax. The difference in results from salon to salon and therapist to therapist are more to do with how they perform the service than they product or the delivery method. Tempreture is a huge part of a good waxing experience and that is why we use timers to bring the wax on and up to a preset tempreture so that the dial is never touched and the wax is never overheated.

    Then there is the application. To thick and even correct temp wax is too hot. Too thin and it wont do the job. Incorrect removal can pull and bruise the skin plus it wont get all the hairs. It looks so simple but there is a lot of technique involved especially when you add in speed as let’s face it, who wants to be waxed for any longer than they have to!!

    It sounds like Kylie has got it all sorted though. Great work.

  7. Amanda says:

    I am new to WA, and new to waxing my legs as well. I have now had my legs waxed three times at the salon across the road from me here in Victoria Park and each time it’s been great. It didn’t hurt much (boy the first time made my eyes pop! lol) and minimal redness. It costs me $15.00 for a half leg wax..I am not a hairy person, so don’t need to have a full leg wax. I even got my eye brows done last time (I only even have to pluck twice a year) for $6.00 and I really liked that. She also does my toes with a different wax (all included in the price) and that wax is soft and white like putty and doesn’t hurt. The salon is black and white and located next to dominos pizza (on Duncan Street) and across from the post office on Duncan/Albany highway..I am not sure of their name but it’s a tiny salon and give great service.

  8. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Fabulous! It can be difficult to find a good place, so it’s great that you’ve found one that works well, gives great service AND is reasonably priced. The trifecta!

    Be sure to let us know the name if you think of it! Xx

  9. Kristie says:

    The place Amanda mentioned is called Flair Today Hair and Beauty, and they still do half leg waxing for $15. They don’t have a website, but definitely worth checking out if it’s not too out of the way for you.

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